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Hellenic Air Force Administrative NCO Academy

Grecia, Cholargos

Licenciado • 1

The mission of HAF’s Administrative NCO Academy is to produce NCOs of administrative specialties, enabling them to successfully meet the exceptionally increased obligations as well...

Admisiones abiertas
~ 998 US$ / año

University of Piraeus

Grecia, El Pireo

The University of Piraeus was founded as a "School of Industrial Studies" in 1938 by the Association of Industrialists and Craftsmen, in accordance with the Law N.5197/1931 and the...

Admisiones cerradas
~ 0 US$ / año

Hellenic Air Force Academy of Air Navigators

Grecia, Cholargos

Licenciado • 1

Many decades have passed since the establishment of the HAFA, the roots of which can be traced in the relevant French Academies the first Greek Pilots and Engineers graduated from....

Admisiones abiertas
~ 950 US$ / año

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