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Study the Bachelor programs in Psychology in Samoa

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    Tuition fees

What is a Bachelor's degree in Psychology?

A bachelor's degree in psychology is for students who are interested in studying individual and social behavior which encompasses mind, cognition, personality theory, perception, and brain functioning. This degree offers different specializations in Psychology, such as Sports Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Correctional Psychology, etc.

What are the subjects covered by a graduate student of Psychology?

The subjects studied by a graduate student in Psychology strongly depend on the chosen profession. The possible areas of study covered in a Psychologists degree include counselling, studying motivations, perception, helping to solve conflicts, correcting behavioral disorders.

Samoa – Bachelor programs in Psychology statistics provides information about 1 Bachelor program in Psychology at 1 university in Samoa. Furthermore, you can choose one of 1 Bachelor program in Psychology at 1 university.

Samoa – Where to study?

The most popular student cities in Samoa.

The largest cities offering Bachelor programs in Psychology in Samoa

Higher education statistics of the largest cities in Samoa.

City Universities Tuition fees Action
Apia 1 ~ $10,000 Search
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Study in Switzerland

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Universities offering the most popular Bachelor programs in Psychology in Samoa

National University of Samoa

Samoa, Apia

Bachelor • 1

The National University of Samoa (Le Iunivesite Aoao o Samoa) is the only national university in Samoa. Established in 1984 by an act of parliament, the university is coeducational...

Admissions open
~ $10,000 / year

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