Master of Computer Technology

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About the Master of Computer Technology

  • 4,990


  • 1–2

    Years of study

  • ~ $3,869

    Annual tuition fees

  • ~ $69,767

    Annual salary

Who is a Master of Computer Technology?

Computer technology is something people rely on every day. Holding a computer technology master's means having an in-depth understanding of automated systems, such as personal computers mobile devices, as well as embedded systems, smart homes, plus AIs and medical equipment along with the networks that connect them.

What tasks does a Master of Computer Technology have?

Masters of computer technology often deal with lots of firmware problems, including designing new types suitable for a specific task. Other tasks include data processing, as well as network management, plus business and scientific software creation, along with database administration.

What career can a Master of Computer Technology have?

Computer technology Masters Careers include firmware engineer, information security expert, along with computer system manager, database administrator and other types of technology solutions experts.

Why should you obtain a Master's degree in Computer Technology? company analysts recommend holding a computer technology master's degree as jobs in this industry are high-paying ($83,255-$128,240 per annum) and are regarded as one of the least stressful jobs in the world. Graduates who want to work with advanced technology and are eager to join a growing and evolving industry should enrol for this degree.

Master of Computer Technology – Where to study?

The most popular countries.

Country Universities Tuition fees Action
India 1,357 ~ $939 Search
United States 494 ~ $16,946 Search
China 465 ~ $2,280 Search
Russia 158 ~ $1,418 Search
Mexico 141 ~ $3,103 Search
Pakistan 121 ~ $1,127 Search
France 119 ~ $4,491 Search
Ukraine 104 ~ $1,229 Search
United Kingdom 98 ~ $8,942 Search
Iran 89 ~ $2,087 Search
Germany 84 ~ $2,768 Search
Japan 61 ~ $5,721 Search
Poland 55 ~ $1,906 Search
Philippines 51 ~ $1,832 Search
South Korea 51 ~ $3,730 Search
Bangladesh 50 ~ $1,088 Search
Canada 44 ~ $5,400 Search
Tunisia 43 ~ $2,296 Search
Spain 41 ~ $4,505 Search
Taiwan 41 ~ $2,277 Search
Malaysia 39 ~ $2,660 Search
Morocco 37 ~ $5,487 Search
Brazil 34 ~ $1,001 Search
Kenya 32 ~ $834 Search
Peru 31 ~ $2,553 Search
Study in Switzerland


Study in Switzerland

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Universities offering the most popular programs in Master of Computer Technology

Middle Tennessee State University

United States, Murfreesboro

Master • 1

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) was founded in 1911 and has grown to become the second largest university in the state of Tennessee. The beautiful campus is located on 500...

Admissions open
~ $26,000 / year

North American University

United States, Stafford

Master • 1

North American University (NAU) is a private, not-for-profit university in Houston, Texas. NAU offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in Business Administration, Computer S...

Admissions open
~ $19,900 / year

Westcliff University

United States, Irvine

Master • 1

Westcliff University’s primary goal is to support the integration of classroom instruction into the real world of business and education. Students at Westcliff University learn fr...

Admissions open
~ $11,250 / year

Felician University

United States, Rutherford

Master • 1

Founded in 1942 by the Felician Sisters, Felician University is one of the few Franciscan universities in the country, and the only one in New Jersey. We’ve built our reputation wi...

Admissions open
~ $20,065 / year

Tennessee Technological University

United States, Cookeville

Master • 2

Founded in 1915, Tennessee Tech, or TTU as it is known in the South is a nationally ranked comprehensive university which offers majors in 7 colleges (the College of Business, Col...

Admissions open
~ $15,850 / year

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