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About the Master of Psychology

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Who is a master of psychology?

Psychology is an academic and applied science of behavior and psychological processes in the psyche of humans and animals. A psychologist is an expert in the field of psychology, who is engaged in a scientific study of the human psyche. The task of the psychologist is to help investigate a client's troubling situation at an emotional level.

What are the basic tasks of the master of psychology?

After completing studies master of psychology degree engaged in psychodiagnostics in the field of education. Psychologists work in the personal services of an organization. Psychological knowledge and skills are demand in areas of advertising, politics, jurisprudence, and various law enforcement agencies. A Master in Psychology can continue to engage in scientific and applied research in this field.

Where can the master of psychology find a position?

The workplace of a psychologist includes psychological centers, private companies for psychological counselling, educational as well as medical institutions, plus commercial along with non-psychological companies, and help lines.

Why should you get the master's degree in psychology?

According to specialists of the company, the profession of a psychologist is relevant and in demand. Salaries depend on the type of work and responsibilities of the psychologist. However, the most highly paid psychologist is in private practice.

Master of Psychology – Where to study?

The most popular countries.

Country Universities Tuition fees Action
United States 548 ~ $17,249 Search
Russia 239 ~ $1,159 Search
India 192 ~ $1,034 Search
Mexico 119 ~ $4,266 Search
Japan 109 ~ $6,403 Search
United Kingdom 108 ~ $8,960 Search
Ukraine 71 ~ $1,382 Search
China 69 ~ $2,384 Search
Iran 61 ~ $2,057 Search
Germany 49 ~ $3,626 Search
Spain 46 ~ $3,451 Search
Pakistan 45 ~ $956 Search
France 39 ~ $3,141 Search
Canada 35 ~ $5,227 Search
Philippines 35 ~ $1,418 Search
Poland 33 ~ $1,308 Search
Turkey 31 ~ $5,029 Search
Italy 29 ~ $2,071 Search
Portugal 29 ~ $2,462 Search
South Korea 29 ~ $3,663 Search
Brazil 28 ~ $992 Search
Indonesia 27 ~ $1,046 Search
Kazakhstan 26 ~ $1,123 Search
Argentina 26 ~ $4,043 Search
Australia 25 ~ $9,963 Search
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Study in Switzerland

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Universities offering the most popular programs in Master of Psychology

Middle Tennessee State University

United States, Murfreesboro

Master • 1

Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) was founded in 1911 and has grown to become the second largest university in the state of Tennessee. The beautiful campus is located on 500...

Admissions open
~ $26,000 / year

California Baptist University

United States, Riverside

Master • 1

California Baptist University is a private, Christian institution perfectly located in Southern California. CBU has over 11,000 students, a 160-acre (65-hectare) campus ranked #2 i...

Admissions open
~ $18,450 / year

Felician University

United States, Rutherford

Master • 1

Founded in 1942 by the Felician Sisters, Felician University is one of the few Franciscan universities in the country, and the only one in New Jersey. We’ve built our reputation wi...

Admissions open
~ $17,215 / year

University of Akron

United States, Akron

Master • 1

The University of Akron is a public research university in Akron, Ohio, United States. The university is part of the University System of Ohio. As a STEM-focused institution, it fo...

Admissions open
~ $8,618 / year

Columbia International University

United States, Columbia

Master • 1

Columbia International University (CIU) is a Christian institution of higher education located in Columbia, South Carolina. CIU is a fully accredited institution (through the South...

Admissions open
~ $10,100 / year

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