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What is a Master's degree in Physical Education?

Physical education is the pedagogical process which focuses on physical development, functional improvement of the organism, training of the main vital motor skills. A master's degree in physical education involves courses in Coaching Strategies, Anatomy and Physiology, along with Biomechanics, Analysis of Teaching in Physical Education, Current Issues in Physical Education, combined with Teaching Elementary/Secondary Physical Education.

What are the duties of a postgraduate of a Master’s degree in Physical Education?

A postgraduate with a master’s diploma in physical education may develop training and nutrition programs, study movements of the human body, train students, athletes and teams, as well as improve sportsmen’s performance. In addition, coaches ensuring the safety of training process, encourage and inspire sportsmen, plus dealing with physiotherapists and other specialists.

What career options are available after completing a Master’s program in Physical Education?

A Master’s in Physical Education leads to such jobs as a physical education teacher, a personal trainer, a coach, an athletic director, who works in sports clubs, elementary/secondary schools, and fitness clubs. Postgraduates of Physical Education may start a researching career and enter PhD in Physical Education.

What is the motivation to obtain a Master’s degree in Physical Education? company analysts advise obtaining a master’s degree in physical education those students who expect to develop their competence in teaching and exercise physiology. A career in Physical Education is suitable for an active person with sports experience.

Master of Physical Education – Where to study?

The most popular countries.

Country Universities Tuition fees Action
United States 194 ~ $15,638 Search
India 107 ~ $1,010 Search
China 100 ~ $2,094 Search
Russia 88 ~ $1,034 Search
Iran 43 ~ $2,025 Search
Ukraine 42 ~ $692 Search
Japan 28 ~ $6,212 Search
South Korea 28 ~ $3,729 Search
Poland 27 ~ $1,315 Search
Mexico 26 ~ $3,028 Search
Brazil 26 ~ $1,046 Search
Spain 23 ~ $5,403 Search
Philippines 20 ~ $711 Search
France 20 ~ $2,536 Search
Romania 15 ~ $1,361 Search
United Kingdom 14 ~ $9,829 Search
Egypt 13 ~ $1,873 Search
Cuba 12 ~ $2,837 Search
Portugal 11 ~ $1,475 Search
Turkey 11 ~ $2,766 Search
Pakistan 10 ~ $1,873 Search
Germany 8 ~ $1,732 Search
Uzbekistan 8 ~ $4,050 Search
Belarus 8 ~ $1,290 Search
Canada 7 ~ $6,238 Search
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Study in Switzerland

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Universities offering the most popular programs in Master of Physical Education

Delta State University

United States, Cleveland

Master • 1

Delta State University is a public institution providing a comprehensive undergraduate and graduate curriculum to approximately 3,500 students representing all of the states and 50...

Admissions open
~ $7,501 / year

Slippery Rock University

United States, Slippery Rock

Master • 1

Today, Slippery Rock University is a four-year, public, coeducational, comprehensive university offering a broad array of undergraduate and select graduate programs to more than 8,...

Admissions open
~ $7,060 / year

University of South Alabama

United States, Mobile

Master • 1

We’re the University of South Alabama. South, for short. Home to more than 16,000 students and more than 100 academic programs, our University is a dynamic community of leaders and...

Admissions open
~ $7,332 / year

Eastern New Mexico University

United States, Portales

Master • 1

Eastern New Mexico University (abbreviated ENMU), frequently called Eastern is a state university in Portales, Roosevelt County, New Mexico, United States. It is the most recently...

Admissions open
~ $2,959 / year

Butler University

United States, Indianapolis

Master • 1

Butler University is a liberal arts school with a history of doing things differently. In 1855, attorney and abolitionist Ovid Butler opened a school founded on the principle that...

Admissions open
~ $38,900 / year

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