Master of Arts Studies

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About the Master of Arts Studies

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  • 1–2

    Years of study

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Who is the Master of Arts Studies?

The MA in Arts Studies is the person who has studied and received the MA in this field. Arts studies, in general, is understanding art history and art and being able to analyze all the information specialists have received concerning artistic structures. This is the basis on which the arts studies course are formed.

What subjects does the MA of Arts Studies study?

The person who has applied for the special arts studies course will study multiple fields which are dedicated to the arts. In general, this can be the arts history course, then arts course combined with a special history of the local arts. Furthermore, there can be specific courses which depend on the field where the graduate chooses to study (film arts, applied arts, etc.)

Where can the MA of Arts Studies find a career?

The person with the MA degree in this field has the opportunity to work in multiple fields. Career opportunities may include positions such as professor in this field if the graduate receives a PhD. However, people holding an Arts Study MA can work in museums, private and state galleries, etc.

Why you should obtain the Master's degree in Arts Studies?

There are several reasons why the arts studies can be the best career opportunity for graduates. Following the analytics of the group recommend such positions for the person who is interested in the arts and their history. The arts, in general, is a field in which a student with a sense of taste can become successful.

Master of Arts Studies – Where to study?

The most popular countries.

Country Universities Tuition fees Action
United States 756 ~ $18,561 Search
China 323 ~ $2,221 Search
India 281 ~ $1,029 Search
United Kingdom 131 ~ $11,921 Search
Germany 124 ~ $2,777 Search
France 120 ~ $3,553 Search
Japan 112 ~ $6,495 Search
Italy 90 ~ $2,415 Search
South Korea 88 ~ $4,073 Search
Philippines 73 ~ $1,426 Search
Turkey 72 ~ $3,196 Search
Canada 70 ~ $6,173 Search
Australia 68 ~ $10,110 Search
Spain 57 ~ $4,660 Search
Ukraine 47 ~ $690 Search
Poland 46 ~ $2,540 Search
Iran 46 ~ $2,142 Search
Bangladesh 39 ~ $1,104 Search
Mexico 36 ~ $5,176 Search
Pakistan 35 ~ $1,508 Search
Taiwan 35 ~ $2,037 Search
Switzerland 31 ~ $5,758 Search
Thailand 29 ~ $2,705 Search
Brazil 27 ~ $994 Search
Portugal 25 ~ $1,682 Search
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100% discount for the 1st year

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Universities offering the most popular programs in Master of Arts Studies

University of Northern Colorado

United States, Greeley

Master • 1

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) is a public baccalaureate and graduate research university with approximately 12,000 students and six colleges. Founded in 1889, the unive...

Admissions open
~ $8,166 / year

University of Denver

United States, Denver

Master • 1

The University of Denver (DU) is a coeducational, four-year university in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1864, it is the oldest independent private university in the Rocky Mountain R...

Admissions open
~ $44,200 / year

West Texas A&M University

United States, Canyon

Master • 1

West Texas A&M University, also known as WTAMU, WT, and formerly West Texas State, part of the Texas A&M University System, is a public university located in Canyon, Texas, a city...

Admissions open
~ $7,900 / year

North American University

United States, Stafford

North American University (NAU) is a private, not-for-profit university in Houston, Texas. NAU offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in Business Administration, Computer S...

Admissions closed
~ $0 / year

Missouri Western State University

United States, Saint Joseph

Missouri Western State University was founded in 1915 as a two-year institution called St. Joseph Junior College and held courses in the original location of Central High School (S...

Admissions closed
~ $0 / year

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