Master of Graphic Design

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About the Master of Graphic Design

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Who is a Master of Graphic Design?

Graphic design is an amalgamation of artistic creativity and project assemblies aimed at creating a visual graphics program or system. Graphic designers specialise in designing an environment using graphics. Graphic designers work with signboards, billboards, posters, signs and diagrams, and supervise the readability of information on Internet sites, magazines, newspapers, book covers and CDs. Graduates of the bachelor degree have the opportunity to continue their studies in university.

What are the tasks of the Master of Graphic Design?

The main tasks undertaken by the Master of Graphic Design is the conception of a corporation's visual style, which includes logo development, the choice of a colour scale, font, etc. Graphic design work includes multimedia; creating mock-ups of advertising printing products (calendars, booklets), producing packaging, as well as souvenir products, other design aspects include books and magazines, along with performing models.

Where can the Master of Graphic Design find a career?

The Master of Graphic Design opportunities for a career is through publishing houses, editorial offices, design bureaus and studios, advertising agencies, private individuals and firms. These form the mainstream of clients for a graphic designer.

Why should you obtain a master's degree in graphic design?

Specialists of recommend obtaining a Master's degree education in this field, as postgraduates of graphic design courses have good career prospects which include stable earnings. The graphic designer's profession is included in the TOP-50 list of the most popular professions.

Master of Graphic Design – Where to study?

The most popular countries.

Country Universities Tuition fees Action
India 256 ~ $1,111 Search
China 251 ~ $2,259 Search
United States 203 ~ $19,706 Search
United Kingdom 80 ~ $10,749 Search
France 77 ~ $5,082 Search
Japan 67 ~ $6,711 Search
Mexico 64 ~ $4,991 Search
Germany 51 ~ $4,756 Search
South Korea 43 ~ $3,684 Search
Turkey 42 ~ $4,014 Search
Italy 39 ~ $2,416 Search
Spain 34 ~ $6,093 Search
Poland 32 ~ $1,734 Search
Ukraine 28 ~ $826 Search
Australia 27 ~ $9,213 Search
Taiwan 27 ~ $1,939 Search
Iran 21 ~ $1,976 Search
Portugal 21 ~ $1,752 Search
Pakistan 18 ~ $1,502 Search
Canada 18 ~ $5,794 Search
Argentina 14 ~ $4,339 Search
Switzerland 14 ~ $4,903 Search
Colombia 14 ~ $2,654 Search
Indonesia 12 ~ $1,341 Search
Romania 12 ~ $769 Search
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100% discount for the 1st year

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Universities offering the most popular programs in Master of Graphic Design

Missouri Western State University

United States, Saint Joseph

Missouri Western State University was founded in 1915 as a two-year institution called St. Joseph Junior College and held courses in the original location of Central High School (S...

Admissions closed
~ $0 / year

Iowa Wesleyan University

United States, Mount Pleasant

Iowa Wesleyan University is a fully accredited, coeducational liberal arts university. Founded in 1842, it has a rich history of innovation in education, pioneering in the sciences...

Admissions closed
~ $0 / year

Mercyhurst University

United States, Erie

Mercyhurst University, formerly Mercyhurst College, is a Catholic liberal arts college in Erie, Pennsylvania in the United States.

Admissions closed
~ $0 / year

University of California, Los Angeles

United States, Los Angeles

Master • 1

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a public research university in the Westwood district of Los Angeles, California, United States. It became the Southern Branch o...

Admissions open
~ $12,800 / year

University of Florida

United States, Gainesville

Master • 1

The University of Florida (commonly referred to as Florida or UF) is an American public land-grant, sea-grant, and space-grant research university on a 2,000-acre (8.1 km2) campus...

Admissions open
~ $6,400 / year

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