Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development

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About the Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development

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  • 3–4

    Years of study

  • ~ $6,246

    Annual tuition fees

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Who is the Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development?

Bachelor of Web Design and Development is a specialist in computer technologies responsible for how an Internet site looks and perceived. Web-design is a branch of a web-development following, Web-designers need logical and imaginative thinking. This specialisation requires graduates to have an artistic flair, aesthetic taste, and creativity.

What are the subjects taken by the Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development?

A web designer graduate is engaged in Internet-based design projects. Subjects studied include developing the design of sites, promo pages, landings, including electronic presentations. As well as creating logos, banners, infographics and other graphic elements of the page such as the placement of the text.

Where can the Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development work?

They can find employment as a professional programmer or network administrator, alternatively, it is possible for postgraduates to become self-employed and build their own business in the field of web design. Career growth of web designer is determined by their production of high-quality complex work and performance, including being responsible harbouring a good reputation in regards to the finished project.

Employment viability of the bachelor's degree in web design and development?

Experts from the company recommend mastering the web designing courses, as this profession stands out for solid income, given the rapid development of IT-technologies.

Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development – Where to study?

The most popular countries.

Country Universities Tuition fees Action
United States 996 ~ $15,433 Search
China 878 ~ $1,937 Search
India 213 ~ $1,193 Search
Mexico 187 ~ $5,023 Search
Japan 135 ~ $6,445 Search
United Kingdom 131 ~ $9,789 Search
South Korea 101 ~ $3,958 Search
France 81 ~ $4,335 Search
Canada 59 ~ $6,193 Search
Germany 59 ~ $4,004 Search
Turkey 58 ~ $4,475 Search
Poland 49 ~ $2,313 Search
Italy 48 ~ $2,494 Search
Taiwan 44 ~ $1,999 Search
Australia 43 ~ $10,014 Search
Kazakhstan 39 ~ $1,100 Search
South Africa 38 ~ $1,745 Search
Ukraine 36 ~ $1,203 Search
Spain 35 ~ $6,809 Search
Malaysia 32 ~ $2,537 Search
Pakistan 32 ~ $1,136 Search
Indonesia 32 ~ $1,221 Search
Colombia 28 ~ $1,939 Search
Denmark 27 ~ $9,224 Search
Portugal 25 ~ $1,809 Search
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100% discount for the 1st year

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Universities offering the most popular programs in Bachelor of Science in Web Design and Development

Mohawk Valley Community College

United States, Utica

Bachelor • 2

Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) is a two-year college in Utica, NY with 90 academic majors. MVCC is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) network of higher educat...

Admissions open
~ $6,750 / year

Missouri Western State University

United States, Saint Joseph

Bachelor • 1

Missouri Western State University was founded in 1915 as a two-year institution called St. Joseph Junior College and held courses in the original location of Central High School (S...

Admissions open
~ $15,300 / year

Iowa Wesleyan University

United States, Mount Pleasant

Bachelor • 1

Iowa Wesleyan University is a fully accredited, coeducational liberal arts university. Founded in 1842, it has a rich history of innovation in education, pioneering in the sciences...

Admissions open
~ $18,997 / year

Mercyhurst University

United States, Erie

Bachelor • 1

Mercyhurst University, formerly Mercyhurst College, is a Catholic liberal arts college in Erie, Pennsylvania in the United States.

Admissions open
~ $35,000 / year

University of California, Los Angeles

United States, Los Angeles

Bachelor • 1

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) is a public research university in the Westwood district of Los Angeles, California, United States. It became the Southern Branch o...

Admissions open
~ $12,800 / year

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