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University Anahuac Querétaro

México, Querétaro

Licenciado • 20 Máster • 8

With the primary aim of raising the human and social condition of the men and women of Mexico and the world, in 1964, the Anahuac University was founded at its temporary headquarte...

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~ 380 US$ / año

University of Colima

México, Colima

Licenciado • 27 Máster • 13 Doctorado • 5

The University of Colima is a public institution of higher education in the state of Colima in Mexico. The university has facilities in five of ten municipalities in the state of C...

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~ 1400 US$ / año

Benemérita Autonomous University of Puebla

México, Heróica Puebla de Zaragoza

Licenciado • 38 Máster • 26 Doctorado • 8

The Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla is an autonomous public university that has achieved consolidation at the national level, committed to the integral capacitation and t...

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~ 4280 US$ / año

Matatipac Institute of Technology and Higher Studies

México, Tepic

Licenciado • 12 Máster • 11 Doctorado • 7

The Institute of Technological and Superior Studies "Matatipac", A.C., is an Educational Institution that has distinguished itself for its permanent spirit of struggle, improvement...

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~ 1395 US$ / año

University Center of Coatzacoalcos

México, Sabaneta

Licenciado • 15 Máster • 10

The School CENTRO UNIVERSITARIO DE COATZACOALCOS is an Educational Institution located in the town of Coatzacoalcos. They teach the type of education known in Mexico as 'EDUCACION...

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~ 3935 US$ / año

UNINTER International University

México, Cuernavaca

Licenciado • 24 Máster • 11 Doctorado • 1

The International University postulates the integral development of the human being as a growth of all the branches that comprise it: intellectual, moral, social and material. The...

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~ 12.357 US$ / año

University Center Felipe Carrillo Puerto

México, Mérida

Licenciado • 19 Máster • 6

To be a private educational institution with a social and humanistic approach: All class activities and contents are insisted on students who are going to be involved in the devel...

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~ 803 US$ / año

Mexican University

México, Izcalli

Licenciado • 16 Máster • 8

Unimex arises from the idea of ​​contributing to the growth of a country through the development and training of its people. It was then that the Mexican University put all its eff...

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~ 1254 US$ / año

University of the Americas Puebla

México, Cholula

Licenciado • 34 Máster • 14 Doctorado • 1

San Andrés Cholula, Puebla, Mexico. It is classified as a Level VI Institution, at the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools - Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) .1 It was fou...

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~ 16.352 US$ / año

University La Salle Northwest

México, Cd. Obregón

Licenciado • 20 Máster • 12 Doctorado • 2

The University La Salle Northwest is located in the northwest of Mexico in Ciudad Obregón in the southern part of the border state of Sonora. Its modernist architecture is lined wi...

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~ 768 US$ / año

Autonomous University of Chiapas

México, Chiapa de Corzo

Licenciado • 29 Máster • 17 Doctorado • 4

The Autonomous University of Chiapas is an autonomous public institution of higher education, socially responsible and service oriented; integrally forming a competent, critical, e...

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~ 2048 US$ / año

Autonomous University of Sinaloa

México, Culiacán

Licenciado • 11 Máster • 16 Doctorado • 9

Having been inaugurated in the city of Mazatlán, due to political difficulties in 1874 the state powers moved to Culiacán and, with them, also the Rosales Grammar school, changing...

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~ 1753 US$ / año

Ateneo de Tlalnepantla

México, Tlanepantla de baz

Licenciado • 17 Máster • 10

Our mission is to offer an education of excellence to the community, serving as a space for the formation and development of people with integrity, equipped with tools that allow t...

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~ 3185 US$ / año

Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education

México, Ensenada

Licenciado • 10 Máster • 10

The Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education in Ensenada, Baja California, was created in 1973 by the federal government as part of the initiative to decentralize scient...

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~ 574 US$ / año

University of Xalapa

México, Xalapa

Licenciado • 17 Máster • 14 Doctorado • 9

The University of Xalapa has a humanist philosophy in action. Our values ​​are international projection, social commitment, continuous improvement and the generation of value for o...

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~ 2571 US$ / año

Autonomous University of La Laguna

México, Torreon

Licenciado • 20 Máster • 8 Doctorado • 1

Beginning in December 1988, the story that gave birth to an educational project begins to be written with the support of a group of students, teachers, workers, parents and communi...

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~ 1758 US$ / año

University of Tijuana

México, Tijuana

Licenciado • 17 Máster • 9 Doctorado • 5

The University of Tijuana is a private university founded in 1994 and based on its guiding principles: "social commitment, respect for diversity, scientific and moral honesty, a se...

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~ 1845 US$ / año

Autonomous University of the Northeast

México, Saltillo

Licenciado • 20 Máster • 17

Our educational model defines the form of education that emphasizes the achievement of skills and competences that are important to life and professional work, rather than the volu...

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~ 1531 US$ / año

Metropolitan University of Monterrey

México, Monterrey City

Licenciado • 18 Máster • 10

The Metropolitan University of Monterrey ( UMM ), is a private university located in Monterrey , Nuevo Leon . It offers programs of Bachillerato , Bachelor's and Postgraduate . The...

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~ 1737 US$ / año

Sonora Institute of Technology

México, Cd. Obregón

Licenciado • 27 Máster • 7 Doctorado • 4

The Sonora Institute of Technology (ITSON) is an institution committed with social development; it has more than 18,000 students and experts that offer education services, research...

Admisiones abiertas
~ 773 US$ / año

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