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Attention to your privacy is our policy. Using the services, you trust us, and we appreciate this. Our team works hard to keep your personal information safe. Always acting in our customers' interests and not hiding information about the processing of your personal data.

This document describes how we process your personal data. In addition, we will explain how you to contact us if you have any questions about your personal data. More detailed definitions of the terms "Service", "Service Provider", "Our Services" and "Request" can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

If you have used our services before, you know that offers online education-related services through our website, mobile applications and other online platforms, as well as partners' websites and social networks.

Our Privacy Statement applies to all these platforms.

This Privacy Statement extends to any kind of information that we collect through these platforms or other channels connected with these platforms (for example, communication with our customer support via email).

Service Providers should also read the relevant Privacy Statement for Service Providers.


We may amend the Privacy Statement from time to time. We recommend checking this page regularly to be aware of the latest updates. If we make changes to the Privacy Statement that affect you directly (for example, if we intend to process your personal data for other purposes than specified previously in this Privacy Statement), we will notify you of any changes before the new activities start.

If you do not agree with this Privacy Statement, you should not use our services. If you agree with our Privacy Statement, then you are ready to choose a university through us.

Privacy notice

What kind of personal information does collect?

When you use our services, we request information such as your name, your preferred contact details. You can also specify additional requests for admission (for example, your question to admission office). In addition to this, we collect certain data from your computer, phone, tablet or another device that you use to access our services, including the IP address, the type of browser used and your language settings. There are situations when we receive information about you from third parties or automatically collect other information.

Why does collect and use your personal data?

First, we request your personal information to help you manage your Requests online and to offer the best services. We also use them to contact you or to inform you about the latest discounts and special offers, as well as other products or services that we believe may be interesting to you. There are also other cases.

How does use your personal data?

Our Services allow you to explore educational opportunities, and seek out, and be found for, study opportunities. Your profile can be found by those looking to prospective students for offering study services. We will use your data to recommend you to Service providers. You can signal that you are interested in the study and share information with Service providers. We will use your data to recommend study services to you and you to Service providers. We may use automated systems to profile and provide recommendations to help make our Services more relevant to our users and customers. Keeping your profile accurate and up-to-date may help you better connect to others and to opportunities through our Services. We sell premium Services that provide our Service providers customized functionality and tools (including messaging and getting direct contacts). Service providers can export information from your profile, such as profile photo, first name, last name, contact email, contact phone, citizenship, location, gender, date of birth, education programs and interests. The data provided about you by these customers are subject to the policies of those customers.

How does share your data with third parties?

With the service, third parties are also connected in various ways and for various reasons. The main goal is to transfer the Data about your Request to the Service Provider to complete the Request. Your data can also be received by other parties engaged in the service provision, including financial institutions, advertising companies, and in some cases state or other competent authorities. We do not sell your personal data.

How does process messages that you and the Service Provider may send to assists you and Service Providers to exchange information and requests about their services and existing Requests, directing the communications through

How does use mobile devices?

We offer free mobile applications that collect and process your personal data in about the same way as our website. However, the applications also allow you to use our location services.

How does use social networks?

Social networks may be used to provide the services in various ways. For this purpose, we can collect some of your personal data or social networks can receive some of your information.

What security procedures does use to protect your personal data?

We implement appropriate and adequate security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to and misuse of the personal data we process.

How does treat children's personal data?

Unless otherwise specified, can only be used by persons aged 13 and older. We only process information about children with the consent of the parents or legal guardians, or when the information for processing is provided by parents or legal guardians. This implies that a person who meets the definition of a "Child" agrees that parents are notified of his registration with and give full consent for the registration in the system.

How can you control the personal data you have given to

You can always use the right to review your personal data stored in our system. A review of personal information can be obtained by sending a request to the email address stated below.

Who is responsible for processing personal data on the website and mobile applications?

Free Apply LLC, located in Delaware, USA, monitors the processing of personal data on its websites and mobile applications.

What kind of personal data is collected by

Below you will find detailed information about the data we collect.

Personal information you provide to us. collects and uses the data that you provide to us. When you register, you (as a minimum) need to specify your email address. If you send a Request for admission, you need to provide your name, email, country of residence, age, any preferences and questions (for example, accommodation service request) regarding your Request for admission.

We collect your data also when you need to contact our customer support service or contact us with other means (for example, through social networks or by communicating with the Service Provider chosen through our website). Students may also be asked to leave a review to help Applicants find a suitable enrollment option. We collect the information of your reviews, including your display name and avatar if you choose one.

There are other instances when you will provide us with data. For example, if you are browsing admission options with a mobile device, you can enable to see your current location or grant access to contact details - this helps us provide you with the best service and experience. You can also create an account that allows you to save your personal settings, upload profile photos, review previous Requests, plan future Requests and manage them, and use other options only available to registered users.

You can decide to participate in referral programs or sweepstakes - in this case, you will also provide us with personal information.

Personal data of other people you provide to us.

Of course, it may happen that you are not making a Request for yourself. Perhaps you make a Request for another Student whose data you provide, or you make a Request on behalf of someone else. In some cases, you can use to share information with other users by sending a list of programs for reservation or participating in referral programs, but such data can only be used as described in the offered interface - check the details there if you want to know more.

In this case, it is your responsibility to ensure that the person or people whose personal information you have provided, aware of this, understand and agree with the way uses their data (as described in this Privacy Statement).

Personal data we collect automatically.

Even if you do not make a request, when you visit our sites or applications, we automatically collect certain data. These include your IP address, the date and time when you accessed our services, information about the hardware and software, as well as your browser, information about your computer's operating system, for example, application versions and your language settings. We also collect information about clicks and which pages have been shown to you.

If you are using a mobile device, we also collect data identifying your mobile device, device settings and its characteristics, application crashes and other system activity. When you make a Request, our system register with which means and through which websites you have made a Request, or from which websites you have been redirected to the website and/or applications.

Personal data we receive from other sources.

In addition to the information that you give to us, we can receive information about you from other sources. These include business partners, as well as other independent third parties. All the data we receive from them may be combined with the information provided by you. For example, the online service is provided not only via and the mobile applications but also through affiliate websites. When you use such websites, you provide data for Requests to our business partners, and they forward them to us. On our platforms, third-party service providers are also integrated to facilitate the processing of your payments to the Service Providers. These providers share payment details with us so we can process your Request.

Another example is the integration of communication services with our platforms to enable you to contact us and the Service Provider about the issues related to the admission process. In such cases, we receive metadata about communication activities (for example, where you called, who you are, the date and duration of the call). We may also receive information about you to propose you relevant advertisements, for example, additional cookies provided to by partner social networks. When you link your account to your social network account, the social network provider may share your personal data with, but only with your consent.

Service Providers may also share your data with This can happen when you have questions about your pending reservation, or when disputes arise about a Request.

Why does collect and use your personal data?

We use the information collected about you for various purposes. Your personal data may be used in the following ways:

  • Requests: First, we use your personal data to complete and process your online Request, which is an important element of our services.
  • Customer Support: Through our local offices, we provide customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Certain of your data, such as information about your Request or your account, help our Customer Support to find you an appropriate Service Provider and to answer your questions about your Request and other related matters.
  • Account: users can create an account on our website or application. We use the information you provide us to manage your account, allowing you to access our useful services. You can manage your Requests, take advantage of special offers and change settings. Managing your own settings can give you the possibility to create and share lists, share photos, see previously searched Services and check other information about educational programs that have been provided to you. Optionally, you can share certain information in your user account by creating a public account linked to your name or nickname of your choice.
  • Marketing: we use your profile information for marketing purposes, for example: For the periodic sending of news about educational products and services. You can unsubscribe from email marketing communications at any time - just click on the "Unsubscribe" link included in every email. On the website, mobile applications or third-party websites (including social networks), you can see individual offers based on the information you provided and the content of the website displayed to you may be individualized. These may be offers with the possibility of direct Request through, partner websites or other offers and products of third parties, which we think you might find interesting. If you participate in other promotional activities, the relevant information will be used to manage these promotions.
  • Communication with you: we can contact you on other matters via mail, email, phone and messages, depending on the contact information that you have provided to us. We also process the communications that you send to us. There may be various reasons for this, for example: Processing any requests, you or the administration of your Service Provider have made. also offers customers and Service Providers various means of communication for information exchange, processing requests and comments about the offers and Requests made through For more information, scroll down and read the section titled “How does process messages that you and the Service Provider may send to". If you have not completed the Request online, we can contact and remind you to continue with your Request. We believe that this additional service will help you to continue the Request without having to search for the Service Provider or to fill in personal information again. If you use our services, we can send you a questionnaire or ask to provide a review of your experience with or the Service Provider. We also send you other materials related to your Request, for example, how to contact if you need help or information that we believe could be useful for your Enrollment. We also send you information about upcoming Requests or a summary of previous Requests made through Even if you do not have an upcoming Request, we can send you other administrative messages that may contain security alerts.
  • Market research: sometimes we ask our users to participate in market research. If you receive an invitation to participate, study the relevant information to understand what personal data is collected and how your personal data is used further.
  • Service improvement: we also use personal data for analytical purposes. This is part of our drive to improve the services offered to our customers. Your personal data may also be used for testing purposes, solving problems and improving the functionality and quality of our online services. We strive to optimize our platform to meet the expectations of customers, to make it easier and more enjoyable to use. We strive to use pseudonymous data for analytical purposes.
  • Students' reviews and other information about study programs: during and after the Service, which you have requested from us, you may be invited to submit a review. We can also enable students enrolling with you or on whose behalf you have made a Request to provide a review. You will be asked about the Service Provider or the city. Account holders can leave reviews pseudonymously. It is also possible to install an avatar. When you complete a review, you agree that it will be displayed, for example, on the relevant page with information about the Service Provider on our website, mobile applications, and social network accounts, as well as an on-online platform of the relevant Service Provider or business partner's website. This is to inform other Students about the quality of the Service you have used, the chosen city and other experiences that you want to share.
  • Call monitoring: when you call the support service, we use an automatic number detection system to relate your phone number with existing Requests - this will help save time for both you and us. Our support team may also ask for other authentication information to keep your Request confidential. Communications with our support staff may be monitored in real time or recorded for quality control and further training, including the use of records in claims processing and fraud detection purposes. Recordings are kept for a limited period and deleted automatically, unless has a legitimate interest to keep such recording for a longer period, including for fraud investigation and legal purposes.
  • Promotion of a reliable service: in order to create a safe and secure environment for you,'s business partners and our Service Providers, we use personal data to identify and prevent fraud and other illegal or unwanted activities. We also use personal data to assess risks and ensure security, including the identification of users and Requests. For such purposes, we may need to block some Requests or put on hold a Request until we complete our verification.
  • Legal purposes: In certain cases, we may use your data to process and resolve legal disputes, to investigate at the request of public authorities and to comply with regulations, and to ensure compliance with the terms of online reservation service or to comply with law enforcement requests. Providing your personal data to is voluntary. However, depending on the type of services that you may use, we may be able to provide this service only after collecting certain personal data. For example, we cannot process your Request if we do not collect your name and contact details. If we use automatic means for processing personal data that produce any legal effects or significantly affect you, we will implement suitable measures to protect your rights and freedoms, including the rights to obtain human intervention.

To process information as described above, we rely on the following legal bases:

In view of purposes A and B, relies on the legal basis that the processing of your personal data is necessary for the performance of the contract, in particular for completing your Request and managing it. If the necessary personal data is not provided, will not be able to complete your Request or provide support. In view of purposes C-J, relies on its legitimate commercial business interest to provide services, to prevent fraud and to improve its services. When using personal data to serve a legitimate interest of or other third parties, will always balance your rights and interests in the protection of your personal data against's rights and interests or those of the third party. For the purposes set out in paragraph K, relies also upon where applicable to compliance with legal obligations (for example, with law enforcement requests.). Where needed under applicable law, will obtain your consent before using your personal data for direct marketing purposes.

If you want to object to the use of your data for the purposes indicated in points C-J, and at the same time no opt-out mechanism is available to you directly (for example, in your account settings), if applicable, please contact

How can you request to delete your personal data from

To delete your personal data, use the "Delete account" function in your personal account. We will delete all of your personal data, including your full name, email address, personal messages you have sent in the live chat. However, your personal information may still be available in reports, invoices and financial statements, which are required by tax law.

Warning! Account deletion is irreversible and cannot be restored.

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