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Cooperation with legal owners

The content of the catalog is entirely publicly available information and has free access both for viewing and uploading. Publicly accessible data are posted in the catalog by the site users automatically. The site administration has no control over the content added to the site.

As well the site administration in no way engages publication of unlicensed content, illegally stolen or posted under the protection of copyright. The automated system of placement publishes only material from the sources available to any Internet user.

The system contains only information about educational institutions and does not conduct activity on behalf of an educational institution. All requests and questions from the prospective students are readdressed directly to the university's representatives.

The website is always ready to cooperate with legal owners. If you find out that your right of first publication is violated in any way by means of our site usage, the site administration is ready to assist you and to delete the related content.

If your copyright is violated somehow by the usage of this website (placement of the information protected by copyright), please, send a request to delete all the data by contacting the site administration via email:

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