Syria – Master programs in IT

We found 4 universities offering 4 Master programs.

Study the Master programs in IT in Syria

  • 4


  • 4


  • 1–2

    Years of study

  • ~ $1,500

    Tuition fees

Who is a Master of IT?

Master in IT is a student who learns business systems, computer applications, systems analysis, networking, logic and troubleshooting, etc. Information technologists understand how computer hardware and software work and they apply this knowledge for software and web development.

What does a Master of IT study?

A master's postgraduate in IT has to accomplish different tasks, they include writing programs in different computer languages, debugging and testing programs, performing systems analysis, conducting trial runs of programs and updating computer, building and using computer-assisted software engineering.

Syria – Master programs in IT statistics provides information about 4 Master programs in IT at 4 universities in Syria. Furthermore, you can choose one of 9 Bachelor programs in IT at 9 universities, 4 Master programs in IT at 4 universities, and 2 PhD programs in IT at 2 universities.

Syria – Where to study?

The most popular student cities in Syria.

The largest cities offering Master programs in IT in Syria

Higher education statistics of the largest cities in Syria.

City Universities Tuition fees Action
Damascus 3 ~ $1,033 Search
Homs 1 ~ $2,900 Search
100% discount for the 1st year


100% discount for the 1st year

Apply now and get a 100% tuition fee discount for the first year of studies

Universities offering the most popular Master programs in IT in Syria

Damascus University

Syria, Damascus

Master • 1

The history of any university is inseparable from the history of its country, for the events and chronicles of the latter play a large role in the history of the former. Thus Syria...

Admissions open
~ $1,000 / year

Al Baath University

Syria, Homs

Master • 1

Al-Baath University (Arabic: جامعة البعث‎‎), founded in 1979, is a public university located in the city of Homs, Syria, 180 km north of Damascus. It is Syria's fourth largest univ...

Admissions open
~ $2,900 / year

Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology

Syria, Damascus

Master • 1

1983 by legislative decree, with the aim of preparing distinguished frameworks for scientific research and development in applied science and technology to contribute effectively t...

Admissions open
~ $900 / year

Syrian Virtual University

Syria, Damascus

Master • 1

The Syrian Virtual University (الجامعة الإفتراضيّة السوريّة) is a Syrian educational institution established by the Syrian Ministry of Higher Education. It provides virtual educati...

Admissions open
~ $1,200 / year

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