Bachelor programs in Nicaragua

We found 37 universities with 396 programs in Nicaragua.

About the Bachelor in Nicaragua

  • 37


  • 396


  • 3–4

    Years of study

  • ~ $3,439

    Tuition fees

What is a BA Degree? A bachelor degree requires students to take fewer courses and focus more on exploring the liberal arts. Bachelor students have more freedom when customizing their education needs to fulfill their chosen career goals and personal aspirations. The most commonly chosen bachelor courses include English, Art, Theatre, Communications, Modern Languages and Music. A list of bachelor degrees and their majors and studies would be almost infinite to classify. However, three most popular types of bachelor degrees include Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Fine Arts

Where to obtain a Bachelor program in Nicaragua

The most popular student cities in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua – Bachelor programs statistics provides information about 396 programs at 37 universities in Nicaragua. Furthermore, you can choose one of 396 Bachelor programs at 37 universities, 202 Master programs at 32 universities, and 85 PhD programs at 22 universities.

Nicaragua – What Bachelor program to study?

The most popular Bachelor disciplines in Nicaragua.

The largest cities offering Bachelor programs in Nicaragua

Higher education statistics of the largest cities in Nicaragua.

City Universities Tuition fees Action
Managua 31 ~ $3,204 Search
Leon 4 ~ $3,708 Search
San Marcos 1 ~ $10,842 Search
San Jose de los Remates 1 ~ $3,516 Search

Nicaragua – Average monthly personal finance statistics

  • ~ $339


  • ~ $242


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Universities offering the most popular Bachelor programs in Nicaragua.

Central University of Nicaragua

Nicaragua, Managua

Bachelor • 14

The Central University of Nicaragua (Spanish: Universidad Central de Nicaragua - UCN)) was founded in 1998. It is nationally accredited and recognized by the Ministry of Education...

Admissions open
~ $5,000 / year

Martin Luther University

Nicaragua, Managua

Bachelor • 14

Our House of Studies is duly authorized by the National Council of Universities (CNU), according to Resolution No. 30-2002 of November 15, 2002, we are members of the Higher Counci...

Admissions open
~ $3,369 / year

UNICA - Catholic University Redemptoris Mater

Nicaragua, Managua

Bachelor • 12

The Catholic University Redemptoris Mater (Spanish: Universidad Católica Redemptoris Mater (UNICA)) is a private university located in Managua, Nicaragua. It was founded in 1992 by...

Admissions open
~ $3,201 / year

National Autonomous University of Nicaragua

Nicaragua, Leon

Bachelor • 24

The National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, León (UNAN-León) is the oldest university in Nicaragua. It was founded in 1812 in the city of León, head of the homonymous departme...

Admissions open
~ $3,735 / year

Centroamerican University

Nicaragua, Managua

Bachelor • 19

The Central American University (UCA) is a non-profit private capital center of Nicaragua, also known as UCA. The university is run by the Catholic religious order of the Society o...

Admissions open
~ $1,104 / year

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