Study in Sudan

We found 31 universities in Sudan.

Sudan – About the country

Khartoum is the capital of Sudan. The country borders on Central African Republic, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, South Sudan, Chad, and Egypt. The national currency of Sudan is Sudanese Pound (SDG).

Sudan – Where to study?

The most popular student cities in Sudan.

Sudan – Higher education system

The higher education system of Sudan is represented by 31 universities with 690 study programs. In addition 461 Bachelor programs at 31 universities, 151 Master programs at 18 universities, and 78 PhD programs at 11 universities.

The largest cities in Sudan

Higher education statistics for the largest cities in Sudan.

Sudan – Average monthly personal finance statistics

  • ~ $114


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Universities offering the most popular degree programs in Sudan

Nile College

Sudan, Khartoum

Bachelor • 11

Nile College is the nucleus and fastest growing point of ‘Nile University,’ an initiative spearheaded by Nile Higher Education Group (NHEG), Ltd. NHEG was founded in 2003 by a gro...

Admissions open
~ $2,500 / year

University of Kordofan

Sudan, El Obeid

Bachelor • 13 Master • 10 PhD • 7

The University of Kordofan (informally Kordofan University) is one of the largest universities in Sudan located in El-Obeid 560 km to the southwest of Khartoum. It was founded in 1...

Admissions open
~ $1,079 / year

University of Gadarif

Sudan, Al Qadarif

Bachelor • 15 Master • 5

The University of Gadarif is a public university in the town of Al Qadarif, capital of the state of Al Qadarif in Sudan. The university was founded in 1990. Faculties include Medic...

Admissions open
~ $1,090 / year

Nile Valley University

Sudan, Khartoum

Bachelor • 16

Established in 1990, Nile Valley University is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the the urban setting of the metropolis of Khartoum (population range of...

Admissions open
~ $1,199 / year

Public Health Institute

Sudan, Khartoum

Bachelor • 1 Master • 3

Public Health Institute is a multi-disciplinary Institute that promotes creation of new knowledge and application of evidence-based science through delivery of applied health resea...

Admissions open
~ $1,231 / year

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