Bachelor of Real Estate

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About the Bachelor of Real Estate

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  • 3–4

    Years of study

  • ~ $5,897

    Annual tuition fees

  • ~ $60,000

    Annual salary

What is a bachelor's degree in Real Estate?

The aim of a bachelor's degree in Real Estate is the acquisition of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for efficient handling various aspects related to managing, selling, buying properties owned by individuals or entities. An undergraduate program in Real Estate includes courses in economics, constructions and materials, real estate finance, together with sales, market analysis, property development, also property law and project management.

What are the tasks of a graduate student in Real Estate?

Graduate students in Real Estate are qualified to provide advice on real estate issues, to deal with sellers and buyers of properties, postgraduates analyze real estate market conditions, as well as to estimate the value of real estate, to analyze social and economic trends, to prepare contracts and deeds.

What are the career opportunities after the completion of a bachelor's degree in Real Estate?

A bachelor's degree in Real Estate leads to employment as a real estate appraiser, a real estate agent, an investment analyst, as well as a lender, a realtor, also a real estate analyst or a building inspector. Graduate students of Real Estate work in real estate agencies, building companies and public organizations.

What are the reasons to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Real Estate? company education specialists recommend obtaining a Real Estate undergraduate degree due to a high demand for qualified graduates. Moreover, a real estate degree provides the possibility of choosing whether to work in a company or to establish one's own business.

Bachelor of Real Estate – Where to study?

The most popular countries.

Country Universities Tuition fees Action
United States 2,197 ~ $14,363 Search
India 951 ~ $986 Search
China 939 ~ $1,942 Search
Mexico 320 ~ $4,108 Search
Japan 207 ~ $6,275 Search
United Kingdom 190 ~ $9,559 Search
Germany 160 ~ $4,131 Search
Canada 157 ~ $6,324 Search
Philippines 156 ~ $1,122 Search
France 128 ~ $5,949 Search
South Korea 127 ~ $3,736 Search
Nigeria 113 ~ $1,848 Search
Pakistan 112 ~ $911 Search
Thailand 103 ~ $3,262 Search
Indonesia 103 ~ $1,307 Search
Ukraine 93 ~ $1,008 Search
Australia 93 ~ $10,845 Search
Spain 90 ~ $4,876 Search
Kenya 83 ~ $1,066 Search
Bangladesh 76 ~ $1,096 Search
Turkey 72 ~ $3,665 Search
Taiwan 68 ~ $1,825 Search
Colombia 62 ~ $1,669 Search
Malaysia 62 ~ $2,834 Search
Poland 61 ~ $1,381 Search
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100% discount for the 1st year

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Universities offering the most popular programs in Bachelor of Real Estate

Mohawk Valley Community College

United States, Utica

Bachelor • 2

Mohawk Valley Community College (MVCC) is a two-year college in Utica, NY with 90 academic majors. MVCC is part of the State University of New York (SUNY) network of higher educat...

Admissions open
~ $6,750 / year

University of Northern Colorado

United States, Greeley

Bachelor • 1

The University of Northern Colorado (UNC) is a public baccalaureate and graduate research university with approximately 12,000 students and six colleges. Founded in 1889, the unive...

Admissions open
~ $8,166 / year

South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

United States, Rapid City

Bachelor • 1

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (South Dakota Mines) is committed to excellence in science and engineering academics and research, and to developing the next generati...

Admissions open
~ $28,100 / year

University of Denver

United States, Denver

Bachelor • 1

The University of Denver (DU) is a coeducational, four-year university in Denver, Colorado. Founded in 1864, it is the oldest independent private university in the Rocky Mountain R...

Admissions open
~ $44,200 / year

North American University

United States, Stafford

Bachelor • 3

North American University (NAU) is a private, not-for-profit university in Houston, Texas. NAU offers bachelor's and master's degree programs in Business Administration, Computer S...

Admissions open
~ $17,400 / year

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