Bachelor of Building and Construction

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About the Bachelor of Building and Construction

  • 1,879


  • 3–4

    Years of study

  • ~ $3,471

    Annual tuition fees

  • ~ $35,000

    Annual salary

Who is awarded the Bachelor of Building and Construction?

The person who has studied and received the BA in the discipline of Building and Construction holds the Bachelor degree. In general, this discipline is connected to the architecture and engineering sphere.

What subjects does a graduate Bachelor of Building and Construction study?

The student who has applied for the course of Building and Construction will study multiple subjects. Furthermore, a graduate in this field needs computer software knowledge and should possess logical thinking acumen. Other important background subjects needed for the Building and Construction degree are engineering as well as math and physics.

Where can the Bachelor of Building and Construction find a career?

The BA of Building and Construction can have career opportunities in multiple work spheres. Resultantly, a BA specialist in this discipline can work in governmental organizations or can become a consultant in building and construction for the private sector.

Why you should obtain the degree in the Building and Construction sphere?

The analytics of the group recommend obtaining a Bachelor's degree in the discipline of Building and Construction for graduates who have a liking and ability to construct, hence, students who possess logical thinking abilities are suited for this discipline.

Bachelor of Building and Construction – Where to study?

The most popular countries.

Country Universities Tuition fees Action
China 380 ~ $1,740 Search
United States 236 ~ $8,813 Search
India 113 ~ $1,846 Search
Mexico 105 ~ $3,976 Search
United Kingdom 58 ~ $8,332 Search
Ukraine 44 ~ $1,122 Search
France 36 ~ $3,648 Search
Nigeria 33 ~ $1,560 Search
Kazakhstan 31 ~ $1,069 Search
South Africa 27 ~ $1,686 Search
South Korea 25 ~ $4,069 Search
Italy 22 ~ $1,775 Search
Germany 21 ~ $1,207 Search
Iran 20 ~ $2,253 Search
Poland 20 ~ $1,324 Search
Kenya 20 ~ $661 Search
Denmark 18 ~ $7,868 Search
Japan 18 ~ $4,343 Search
Philippines 17 ~ $848 Search
Turkey 17 ~ $2,741 Search
Indonesia 16 ~ $1,187 Search
Morocco 14 ~ $5,022 Search
Canada 14 ~ $5,304 Search
Chile 14 ~ $3,248 Search
Spain 13 ~ $3,658 Search
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100% discount for the 1st year

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Universities offering the most popular programs in Bachelor of Building and Construction

Missouri Western State University

United States, Saint Joseph

Bachelor • 1

Missouri Western State University was founded in 1915 as a two-year institution called St. Joseph Junior College and held courses in the original location of Central High School (S...

Admissions open
~ $15,300 / year

Georgia Southern University

United States, Statesboro

Bachelor • 1

Georgia Southern University is a public university located on a 900-acre (3.6 km2) campus in Statesboro, Georgia, United States. Founded in 1906 as a land grant college, it is part...

Admissions open
~ $2,665 / year

City University Los Angeles

United States, Marina del Rey

Bachelor • 1

It does not matter where you live in the world. CULA® programs are designed for you. Apply now detailing your qualifications and experience thus far and indicate the academic degre...

Admissions open
~ $16,330 / year

University of Oklahoma

United States, Norman

Bachelor • 1

The University of Oklahoma (OU) is a coeducational public research university in Norman, Oklahoma. Founded in 1890, it had existed in Oklahoma Territory near Indian Territory for 1...

Admissions open
~ $11,285 / year

University of Cincinnati

United States, Cincinnati

Bachelor • 1

The University of Cincinnati (commonly referred to as UC or Cincinnati) is a comprehensive public research university in Cincinnati, in the U.S. state of Ohio, and a part of the Un...

Admissions open
~ $11,000 / year

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