Master of Building

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About the Master of Building

  • 939


  • 1–2

    Years of study

  • ~ $3,377

    Annual tuition fees

  • ~ $35,000

    Annual salary

Who holds the Master of Building?

The person who has studied and received the MA degree in Building holds the Master of this study. In general, graduates having academically studied Building find available careers in prestigious governmental and state-funded organizations of this discipline. However, opportunities remain vibrant working for a private architect or designer.

What subjects does a Master of Building study?

The Master of Building graduate study multiple subjects dedicated to the building discipline, these include engineering as well as physics as well as general knowledge concerning architecture. Resultantly, such a wide range of subjects lends wider opportunities for the postgraduate, as an MA of Building can become an engine designer.

Where can the Master of Building find employment?

The MA in Building graduate career opportunities includes foreman or engineer. In general, MA Building specialists work for organizations which provide career opportunities, MA postgraduates are suited academically for new projects in the building sphere.

Why you should obtain the MA degree in Building?

The analytics of the group recommend obtaining the MA in Building for the graduate whose interests lie in this field and possess knowledge in engineering.

Master of Building – Where to study?

The most popular countries.

Country Universities Tuition fees Action
Russia 133 ~ $1,066 Search
China 120 ~ $2,159 Search
India 52 ~ $1,260 Search
United States 48 ~ $14,331 Search
Mexico 46 ~ $2,355 Search
Ukraine 41 ~ $1,089 Search
France 39 ~ $5,141 Search
United Kingdom 25 ~ $8,147 Search
Italy 22 ~ $1,917 Search
Germany 22 ~ $1,165 Search
Iran 15 ~ $2,193 Search
Spain 14 ~ $1,883 Search
Kenya 14 ~ $532 Search
Japan 13 ~ $4,074 Search
Kazakhstan 13 ~ $1,238 Search
South Korea 13 ~ $3,786 Search
Portugal 12 ~ $1,471 Search
Turkey 12 ~ $2,692 Search
Poland 12 ~ $1,259 Search
Taiwan 10 ~ $1,532 Search
Venezuela 10 ~ $531 Search
Chile 10 ~ $3,062 Search
Philippines 9 ~ $1,150 Search
Indonesia 8 ~ $1,496 Search
Belarus 7 ~ $1,231 Search
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Study in Switzerland

Study at the American University in Switzerland. Earn 2 degrees. Kick-start your career.

Universities offering the most popular programs in Master of Building

East Carolina University

United States, Greenville

Master • 1

East Carolina University is a public, doctoral/research university in Greenville, North Carolina, United States. Commonly known as ECU or East Carolina, it is the third-largest in...

Admissions open
~ $23,516 / year

Michigan State University

United States, East Lansing

Master • 1

Michigan State University Spartans work every day to advance the common good in uncommon ways. Together we tackle some of the world’s toughest problems to find solutions that make...

Admissions open
~ $14,114 / year

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

United States, Little Rock

Master • 1

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UA Little Rock, formerly UALR) is a metropolitan public research university located in Little Rock, Arkansas, United States. Established...

Admissions open
~ $7,600 / year

Southwestern University

United States, Georgetown

Master • 1

Southwestern University is an independent, four-year, undergraduate national liberal arts college, located on a beautiful 700-acre campus just north of Austin, Texas. The first ins...

Admissions open
~ $37,560 / year

Georgia Institute of Technology

United States, Atlanta

Master • 1

The Georgia Institute of Technology (commonly referred to as Georgia Tech, Tech, or GT) is a public research university in Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. It is a part of t...

Admissions open
~ $9,812 / year

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