Master of Territorial Planning

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About the Master of Territorial Planning

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Who is the Master of Territorial Planning?

The person who has studied and received an MA degree in Territorial Planning can be called the Master of it. The field of territorial planning studies urban planning, in other words, the rational use of the space. Moreover, due to the impact of urbanization, holding such a speciality degree is essential as people need to plan their living spaces to reduce the negative impact of urbanization.

What subjects will the Master of Territorial Planning study?

The MA of Territorial Planning will study several subjects which are dedicated to this field. Subjects range from urban planning to the impact of the urbanization. Other subjects that graduates will study this field are concerned with awareness of natural resources, thus students need to hold knowledge pertaining to their rational use, this discipline results in students studying ecology.

Where can the Master of Territorial Planning a career?

The person who has studied and received an MA in this field has the opportunity to work in different fields which are connected to urban planning, this includes building and construction agencies and other establishments, which are connected to the field.

Why you should obtain a degree in Territorial Planning?

Analytics of the group recommend obtaining the MA degree in Territorial Planning for a student who knows about urbanization and is interested in reducing its negative impact.

Master of Territorial Planning – Where to study?

The most popular countries.

Study in Switzerland


Study in Switzerland

Study at the American University in Switzerland. Earn 2 degrees. Kick-start your career.

Universities offering the most popular programs in Master of Territorial Planning

Morgan State University

United States, Baltimore

Master • 1

For over 150 years, Morgan State University has been an important part of the higher education system in Baltimore City, the State of Maryland, and the nation. Throughout its histo...

Admissions open
~ $2,632 / year

University of Connecticut

United States, Storrs

Master • 1

The University of Connecticut (UConn) was founded in 1881 and is a public land grant, National Sea Grant, and National Space Grant research university in Storrs, Connecticut, Unite...

Admissions open
~ $13,400 / year

Kansas State University

United States, Lombron

Master • 1

Kansas State University, commonly shortened to Kansas State or K-State, is a public doctoral university with its main campus in Manhattan, Kansas, United States. Kansas State was o...

Admissions open
~ $9,062 / year

Southern Methodist University

United States, Dallas

Master • 1

Southern Methodist University (SMU) is a private research university in Dallas, University Park, and Highland Park, Texas. Founded in 1911 by the Methodist Episcopal Church, South,...

Admissions open
~ $24,000 / year

New York University

United States, New York City

Master • 1

New York University (NYU) is a private nonprofit research university based in New York City. Founded in 1831, NYU's main campus is centered in Manhattan, located with its core in G...

Admissions open
~ $47,750 / year

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