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0. Definitions

"" Free Apply LLC, is a limited liability company incorporated under the laws of the United States of America at 8 The Grn Ste A, Dover, DE 19901, USA.

"Platform" Refers to the website, as well as mobile site and applications owned, controlled, operated, maintained and/or hosted by, and on which the Service is provided.

"Service" Refers to our various products and services that can be ordered, purchased or rented from the Service Provider.

"Information university page" is a university page which was contributed by the site users and taken from publicly available sources for information goals. It is always free of charge placement until getting access to this page the official university representative and changing the placement plan.

"Service Provider" is a university representative (or university) which got access to admin panel of university page on catalog and refers to our professional provider of educational services (e.g. university, institute, academy, technical school, college or school), as well as providers of accommodation services (e.g. hostels, hotels, apartments) that are available on the Platform (B2B or B2C).

"Our Services" Refers to online purchases, order, payment (processing of a payment) or request offered by in respect to products and services made available by Service Providers on the Platform.

"Request" Relates to the order, purchase, and payment or reservation of a Service.

1. Our Services is a global catalog of universities and colleges. We are an open platform, information to which was contributed by the site users and taken from publicly available sources.

Through the Platform, we (Free Apply LLC and affiliated partners (distribution partners)) provide an online platform through which Service Providers - within their professional activities (B2B or B2C) - can advertise, promote, market and/or offer their products and services for ordering, buying, reserving or renting, and visitors of the Platform can find products or services, compare, make an order, purchase or payment. By using Our Services (i.e. by making a Request through Our Services), you enter into a direct (legally binding) contractual relationship with the Service Provider with which you reserve or purchase a product or service. From the moment you make your Request, we act solely as an intermediary between you and the Service Provider, submitting the relevant information of your Request to the relevant Service Provider and sending you a confirmation email on behalf of the Service Provider. does not (re)sell, rent or offer any services or products.

When rendering Our Services, the posted information is based on information provided by Service Providers on the Internet and/or in printed thematic publications (official websites of Service Providers, thematic resources, booklets and catalogs) and on the information provided to us by Service Providers themselves. Service Providers that host and promote their Services on the Platform have access to our systems and admin panels through which they are fully responsible for updating prices, tariffs, fees, availability of services, rules, conditions and other information displayed on our Platform.

Although we do our best to ensure the quality of Our Services, we do not verify the validity and cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of all information, nor are we responsible for any errors (including manifest and typographical errors), any interruptions (caused by (temporary and/or partial) breakdown, repair, upgrade or maintenance of our Platform or otherwise), inaccurate, misleading or false information or non-delivery of information.

Each Service Provider is responsible under any conditions for the accuracy, completeness and correctness of the (descriptive) information (including tariffs, fees, prices, rules, conditions and availability of services) displayed on our Platform.

Our Platform does not constitute and should not be considered as a recommendation or proof of the quality, service level or rating, classification of any proposed Service Provider (or its facilities, products, services, facilities or vehicles (main or additional)).

Our Service is provided for individual and non-commercial use only. Therefore, you are not allowed to resell, create external hyperlinks, use, copy, monitor (e.g. spider, scrape), display, download or reproduce any part of content or information, software, queries, programs, products or services available on our Platform for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose.

2. Tariffs & Crossed-Out Prices

The prices offered by the Service Providers on our Platform are highly competitive. All Service prices include VAT/sales tax and other taxes (which may vary) and fees unless otherwise indicated on our Platform or in the electronic confirmation of enrollment/reservation.

The price is for one person, the validity period is indicated on the confirmation of enrollment/reservation (if applicable). If the Service Provider charges a cancellation or no-show fee/refund, moreover, relevant fees and taxes may be added (including tourist/city tax).

Sometimes lower prices of products or services are available on our Platform, however, these tariffs offered by Service Providers may carry special restrictions and conditions, for example, an enrollment/a reservation can be non-cancelable or non-refundable.

Please read the relevant enrollment/reservation, product and service conditions before starting your enrollment or making a reservation.

The currency converter is provided for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon as accurate and real-time: actual prices may vary.

Obvious errors (including misprints) are not binding.

3. Privacy cares about your privacy. Read the Privacy and Cookies Policy for further information.

4. Basic plan. Free placement on for Service Providers

Posting a university or college profile in the is absolutely free for all educational institutions worldwide. We do not require any payments for using the system. By default, all university profiles are posted as the Basic plan.

5. Pro plan. Premium placement on for Service Providers

We sell premium Services that provide our Service providers customized functionality and tools (including getting more leads than it has on the Basic plan, getting leads direct contacts and other).

6. Partner plan. Premium placement on for Service Providers

Unless otherwise stated, our service is free of charge for customers, as unlike many other companies, we do not charge you for Our Services or add additional fees (for registration of enrollment/reservation) to the tariff. You pay the Service Provider the amount as indicated on the invoice (plus all relevant applicable taxes and fees if they are not included in the price).

Service Providers pay a commission (a small percentage of the product price (e.g. study fee)) to after the user has consummated the product or service of the Service Provider (e.g. after the student has started studying at the university (and paid for studies)).

Service Providers can improve their ranking by increasing the commission (tool "Become more visible"). Using the "Become more visible" tool (by paying a higher commission percentage in return for a higher position in the ranking) remains at the discretion of each Service Provider and can be used from time to time and for certain products. The algorithm of ranking takes into account an increase in commission and on its basis determines the default ranking.

Only Service Providers, which have established commercial relations with (through an agreement), will be granted access to the Platform (to promote their products B2B and/or B2C). is an open platform (like Amazon or eBay), where end users can offer their product themselves (i.e. is not a C2C platform); does not allow non-professional parties to offer their products on or through

7. Credit Card or Bank Transfer

If applicable and available, certain Service Providers may offer a possibility to pay for the enrollment/reservation (wholly or partly in accordance with the conditions of the Service Provider) to the Service Provider during the enrollment/making reservation process using a secure online payment (depending on the support of this function by your bank). For certain products and services, facilitates (through third-party payment systems) payment of the relevant product or service on behalf of the Service Provider ( never acts as a seller of a product or service). Secure payment is processed through a third-party payment system from your credit/debit card or from your bank account to the bank account of the Service Provider.

Each payment that is processed by us on behalf of and transferred to the Service Provider is a payment (part) of the relevant product or service cost and is taken into account in the final settlement. The payment is not refundable.

Note that for certain (non-refundable) tariffs or special offers, Services Providers may require full payment by bank transfer (if applicable) or by credit card, so your credit card can be pre-authorized or charged (sometimes without the possibility of refund) during enrollment/reservation process. Check the details of the enrollment/reservation of the product or service before starting enrollment/reservation procedure. is not liable for any (authorized, allegedly unauthorized or wrong) charging by the Service Provider and does not refund any amounts legally written-off or pre-blocked charge by the Service Provider (including prepayment, fine or cancellation of enrollment/reservation) to your credit card.

In case your credit card was used by third parties illegally or not for its intended purpose, most banks and credit companies will cover and pay all charges caused by such fraud (sometimes deducting EUR 50 or equivalent in local currency).

8. Prepayment, Cancellation, No-Show and Important Information

By enrolling/making reservation with a Service Provider, you accept and agree to the cancellation policy, the regulations in case of an enrollment failure, and to all additional conditions and rules (of service provision) of the Service Provider that may be applied to your service (including important information from Service Provider, which is published on our Platform and the applicable internal rules of the Service Provider). The relevant rules and conditions (provision/purchase/use) can be obtained from the relevant Service Provider. The general cancellation/non-enrollment/non-show rules of each Service Provider are available on our Platform on the Service Provider page, during the enrollment/reservation process and in the electronic confirmation of enrollment/reservation (if applicable). Note that certain tariffs, fees and special offers are not cancellable, refundable or changeable. The Service Provider may charge the applicable non-refundable amount even in case of enrollment/reservation cancellation or write off the cancellation fee. We recommend reading carefully the details of the enrollment/reservation of the product or service and the special rules prior to enrolling/making a reservation.

Note that an enrollment/reservation requiring down payment or prepayment (full or partial) can be canceled (without prior notice or warning) if the relevant (remaining) amount cannot be collected in full on the relevant date or date of payment in accordance with the enrolling/reservation and the policy of the Service Provider.

Cancellation and prepayment policy may vary per segment, product or Service.

Read carefully the important information (below the types of Services or at the bottom of the Service Provider page on the Platform) and on your reservation confirmation (this information may in particular concern age restrictions, security deposit, special cancellation conditions and other conditions for group enrollment/reservation, extra beds, breakfast and pets when providing hostel).

You bear all the risks connected with late payment, incorrect debit or credit card data, or insufficient funds on your card. You are not entitled to claim a refund of any (non-refundable) prepaid amount, except when the Service Provider agrees or otherwise decides in accordance with its policy (pre-payment and cancellation).

If you want to review, adjust or cancel the enrollment/reservation, revert to the confirmation email and follow the instructions therein. Note that you may be charged for cancellation of the enrollment/reservation in accordance with the cancellation, pre-payment and no-show policy of the Service Provider, or not be entitled to claim any (pre)paid amount? We recommend reading carefully the cancellation, (pre)payment and no-show policy before the enrolling/making your reservation, and make further payments on time in accordance with the enrollment/reservation requirements.

If you change your plans, arrive late or only the next day after the one indicated in the reservation confirmation, (timely/promptly) notify the Service Provider. So the Service Provider will know when to expect you to avoid cancellation of the Service (enrollment/reservation) and charge of the cancellation fee. Our support team can contact the Service Provider for you if needed. is not responsible for the consequences of your delay, as well as the cancellation of the enrollment/reservation or the cancellation fee charged by the Service Provider.

9. (Further) Correspondence and Communication

By using the website, you agree to receive emails: information, confirmation letters, letters about notices on the site, advertisements, information about relevant programs, certain data and special offers (including special offers from third parties), as well as emails, which we can send to you immediately after your enrollment, start of studies or check-in at the dormitory, with the proposal to fill out our feedback form about the Service Provider. See our "Privacy and Cookies" for information about how we may contact you. disclaims any responsibility for any communications by or with the Service Provider on or through its platform. You cannot claim any rights based on any request or message sent to or received from the Service Provider, or confirmation (in any form) that a request or a message has been received. cannot guarantee that the request or message will be (properly and timely) received/read, executed or accepted by the Service Provider.

To complete and guarantee your enrollment/reservation, you must specify your correct email address. We are not responsible for (and have no obligation to verify) any incorrect or misspelled email address, or incorrectly specified mobile phone number or credit card number.

To confirm your enrollment/reservation, you need to ask the Service Provider to send you a confirmation via Our Services ("Chat").

In addition, we are not responsible for the inaccuracy or incorrectness of the information provided by the Service Provider.

Due to the continuous update and adjustments of prices and availability of the Services, we highly recommend checking the cost of the Service prior to your enrollment/reservation.

10. Ranking as in "Recommended Service Providers", rating and TOP

The default ranking of the Services Providers on our Platform is " Recommendation" (any similar wording). This is the "Default Ranking". Default Ranking is based on a complex, constantly changing algorithm that takes into account a multitude of criteria in order to match the search query with the search results in an optimal way.

The order in which Service Providers are displayed differs for different users and depends on their search queries and a variety of other criteria, for example, the popularity of the Service Provider among website users (e.g. number of views), the history of interaction with the support service (including the number and types of complaints), some data of enrollment/reservations (e.g. the number of enrollment/reservations, cancellations, conversion level, availability of study programs, etc.), as well as (past) browsing activities of a visitor. The default ranking algorithm also includes data of on-time payment of commission by the Service Provider and the commission percentage.

For convenience, we also offer many other ways of ranking Service Providers. A user can choose to rank the search results on basis of lowest price, along with the category of Services, etc. Thus, a user has full control over the presentation of Service Providers in the search results.

In some cities and regions, implements a preferred partnership program that allows certain Service Providers, corresponding to the terms of the program, to be displayed above the rest of the Service Providers in the default “Recommended” ranking for the relevant city/region. The number of points, stars or other indicators of the rating displayed for Service Providers not necessarily correspond to the world rankings but can be based on them.

Only customers who have used the Service will be asked to leave feedback on and assess certain aspects of their experience with the Service Provider. The completed review may be (a) posted on the relevant Service Provider's page on our Platform with the sole purpose of informing (future) customers of your opinion on the service and quality of the Service Provider, and (b) (wholly or partly) used by Free at its sole discretion (e.g. for marketing, advertising or improvement of our service) on our Platform or social media platforms, newsletters, special promotions, applications or other channels that are owned or controlled by or our business partners. The default ranking is determined by the publication date in conjunction with some other criteria (such as language, comments). The review of the customer who [always] leaves full and detailed reviews ("Explorer") can have the highest position. You can sort reviews by various criteria, and apply filters (for example, by group, date, language, and rating). allows the Service Provider to respond to a review. We reserve the right to adjust, reject or remove reviews at our sole discretion. does not pay any compensation or other rewards to a customer for publishing the review. The review forms are sent only for conducting a survey and do not contain any further (commercial) offers, invitations or incentives. does not publish reviews that include:

Profanity, obscene content, aggressive statements, discriminatory, and threats or insults; Mention the full names or personal attacks on employees; Promotion of illegal activities (for example, related to drugs or prostitution); Websites, email addresses, phone numbers, credit card details, as well as politically sensitive comments.

11. Disclaimer

In accordance with the limitations set out in these terms and conditions and to the extent permitted by the law, neither we nor any of our officers, directors, employees, representatives, subsidiaries, affiliates, distributors, distributors, licensees, agents and others persons involved in the creating, sponsoring, promoting or any other activities aimed at supporting this website and its content are liable for (i) any punitive, direct, indirect and consequential loss and damages, any loss of production, loss of profit, loss of income, loss of contract, loss or damage to business reputation, loss of claim, (ii) inaccuracy relating to the (descriptive) information (including prices , availability of services and classification) of the Service Provider presented on our Platform, (iii) services or products offered by the Service Provider or other business partners, (iv) any (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive) losses or costs suffered, incurred or paid by you and arising in connection with or resulting from the use, inability to use or delay of our Platform, or (v) any (personal) injury, death, property damage or other (direct, indirect, consequential or punitive) losses, damages or costs suffered, incurred or paid by you due to (legal) actions, errors, violations, negligence, willful misconduct, inaction, non-performance, misinterpretation, rights breach or strict liability (wholly or partly) attributable to the Service Provider or other business partners (including any of their employees, directors, officers, agents, representatives, subcontractors or affiliates) whose products or services (directly or indirectly) are available, offered or promoted on or through the Platform, including any (partial) cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or any other event beyond our control. is not be liable for the use, validity, quality, suitability, fitness and timeliness of the Service, and makes no representations, warranties or conditions of any kind in this regard, including implied, statutory or otherwise, as well as any implied warranties of commercial quality, property rights, non-infringement or fitness for a particular purpose. You acknowledge and agree that the relevant Service Provider assumes all obligations and is fully responsible for the Service (including any warranties and representations of the Service Provider). does not (re)sell the Service. Claims for the Services (including related to the offered price (special/promotion), policy or special requests from customers) must be processed by the Service Provider. is not liable for any claims, complaints or obligations (in relation to the product or Service).

Whether or not the Service Provider has charged you for the Service, or if we are facilitating the payment (of the Service), you agree and acknowledge that the Service Provider is responsible in all cases for collecting, withholding, transferring and paying the relevant taxes to be assessed and paid due on the total cost (the Service) to the authorized tax authorities. is not responsible for the transfer, collection, withholding or payment of the relevant taxes due on the cost (the Service) or fee to the authorized tax authorities. does not act as a seller of products or services offered on the Platform.

By uploading photos/images onto our system (e.g. in addition to a review or in the "Chat"), you acknowledge, warrant and agree that you are the copyright holder of these photos/images and that you agree that may use the uploaded photos/images on its (mobile) website and in the mobile application, in promotional materials and publications (posted online and offline), and in any other way at the discretion of You are granting a non-exclusive, worldwide, irrevocable, unconditional and perpetual right and license to use, reproduce, display, copy, distribute, sublicense, transfer and post photos/images in any way at the discretion of By uploading these photos/images, the person uploading the photo(s) assumes full legal and moral responsibility for all legal claims from third parties (including, but not limited to, Service Providers), due to the publication and use of of these photos/images. does not own the uploaded photos/images and does not endorse them in any way. Responsibility for the authenticity, validity and right to use all photos/images is borne by the person who uploaded the photo, not by assumes no responsibility or liability for the posted photos.

The person who uploaded the photo ensures that the photos/images do not contain viruses, Trojans or infected files, and they do not contain any pornographic, illegal, obscene, offensive, inappropriate or objectionable materials and do not infringe any rights of third parties (intellectual right property, copyright or privacy). Any photo/image that does not meet the mentioned criteria will not be published and/or can be removed by at any time and without notice.

12. Intellectual Property Rights

Unless otherwise agreed, all software required to provide our services and/or to use on our Platform and the intellectual property rights (including copyrights and related rights) of the contents, information and materials posted on the Platform are owned by Free Apply LLC, its suppliers or providers. retains the exclusive rights to own, use and dispose (all intellectual property rights of) (design style (including infrastructure) of) the Platform on which the service is offered (including reviews and translated content) and you are not entitled to copy, scrape, create (hyper/external) link to, publish, promote, market, integrate, utilize, combine or otherwise use the content (including any translations and reviews) or our brand and trademarks without our express written permission. In the event that you would (wholly or partly) use or combine our (translated) content (including reviews) or would otherwise own any intellectual property rights on the Platform or any (translated) content or reviews, you hereby transfer and assign all such intellectual property rights to Any unlawful use or any of the aforementioned actions or behavior will constitute a material infringement of our intellectual property rights (including database right, copyright and related rights).

13. Miscellaneous

To the extent permitted by law, these terms and conditions, as well as the provision of our services, are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States of America. All disputes arising in connection with these general rules and conditions and our services are dealt with exclusively by the competent courts of the United States of America.

The original English version of these terms and conditions may have been translated into other languages. The translated version is a courtesy and an official translation, and you cannot claim any rights based on the translated version of these terms and conditions.

In the event of a dispute about contents or interpretation of these terms and conditions or discrepancy or inconsistency between the English version and any other language version of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail and be conclusive in accordance with the law. The English version of these terms and conditions is available on our Platform (by selecting English), and shall be sent to you on your written request.

If any provision of these terms and conditions is or becomes invalid, becomes unenforceable or non-binding, the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions will be applied in full. In such event, such invalid provision must nonetheless be enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, and you are obliged to comply with this condition, despite its inadmissibility, lack of legal or mandatory force, taking into account the content and purpose of these terms and conditions.

14. About and the support companies

The service is provided by Free Apply LLC, which is a private limited liability company, incorporated under the laws of the United States of America. The office is located at 8 The Grn Ste A, Dover, DE 19901, USA. The company is registered in the United States of America under the number 31047344. Our VAT registration number: NL805734958B01. is located in Dover, USA and is supported by various affiliated group companies around the world. The support companies provide only internal support for the benefit of Certain support companies may provide a limited number of customer support services. The support companies do not have any Platform (and do not control, host, manage or support the Platform). The support companies are not endowed with any authority or rights to render Our Services, to represent or enter into any contract on behalf of and/or in the interests of You do not enter into a relationship (legal or contractual) with the support companies. The support companies do not operate and are not entitled to act as agent, rendering any services and operating any processes. does not accept nor assume any domicile at any place, or office in any country of the world (including an office of its support companies), other than its registered office in Dover.

15. Cooperation with legal owners

The content of the catalog is entirely publicly available information has free access both for viewing and downloading. Publicly accessible data are posted in the catalog by the site users automatically. The site administration fails control over the content added to the site. As well the site administration in no way engages publication of unlicensed content, illegally stolen or posted under the protection of copyrights. The automated system of placement publishes only material from the sources available to any Internet user. System contains only information about educational institutions and does not lead activity on behalf of an educational institution. All requests and questions from the prospective students are readdressed directly to the university's representatives. Website is always ready to cooperate with legal owners. If you find out that your right of first publication is violated in any way by means of our site usage, the site administration is ready to assist you and to delete the related content. If your copyright is violated somehow by the usage of this website (placement of the information protected by copyright), please, send a request to delete all the data by contacting the site administrator via email:

16. Class Action Waiver

By using the Platform and in return for the services offered by Indeed, you acknowledge that Indeed can only offer you these services under the terms and conditions as presented herein. As partial consideration for your use of the Platform and these services, you (either a User or Service Provider) agree not to sue Indeed as a class plaintiff or class representative, join as a class member, or participate as an adverse party in any way in a class-action lawsuit against Indeed regarding your use of the Platform. Additionally, as a User, your use of the Platform is at no charge. If you do not agree to any part of these terms, do not continue your use of the Platform.

Privacy Policy and Messaging Regulations

These Privacy policies and Messaging Regulations (the "Regulations") contain the terms under which provides services to Service Providers. Using the services of, the Service Provider accepts the following Regulations.

1. Subject, Definitions and Interpretations

1.1 These Regulations are an integral part of the agreement between the Service Provider and Free Apply LLC (including any applicable general terms of service and agreement ("Agreement")) and should be read in conjunction with it. Except as provided in the Regulations, the terms of the Agreement remain unchanged and are fully enforced. In the event of an inconsistency between these Regulations and the Agreement, the provisions of the Regulations shall prevail. 1.2 Unless otherwise specified, all terms in these Regulations beginning with a capital letter have the same definition as specified in the Agreement.

2. Privacy Policy

2.1 Each Party shall take reasonable measures to protect personal data (i.e. information related to an individual whose identity is determined or can be determined) processed in the context of the Agreement from loss and unauthorized access, use, disposal and disclosure; and for the processing of personal data in such a way as to ensure appropriate confidentiality and security of personal data to the extent permitted by applicable law.

2.2 Both the Service Provider and accept responsibility for the processing and security of personal data stored and processed under the Agreement. The Service Provider will provide personal information to only if such disclosure is allowed by the applicable law. will be a data operator (i.e. will determine the goals and means of data processing) for any personal data that it processes. The Service Provider becomes a data operator after obtaining personal data directly or indirectly through a partner providing connection services. Unless otherwise agreed, the partners providing the connection services process the personal data on behalf of the Service Provider. Each Party is solely responsible for the processing of personal data on its own in accordance with the applicable privacy laws. The Parties will cooperate and assist personal data subjects who want to use their rights to access, adjust, remove or transfer data, if needed, or, in the case of a request from the competent authorities, meet commitments applied to the Party, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

2.3 If processes personal data that is not user data according to the Agreement, such personal data is processed by in accordance with the Privacy Statement applicable to Services Providers, which can be found at The Service Provider ensures that to the extent permitted by law it has promptly and thoroughly informed (and in accordance with the applicable law, received consent from) its employees, agents, representatives and others about the processing of their personal data by the Service Provider and the cross-border transfer of their personal data to countries that do not provide adequate protection of the rights of personal data subjects.

2.4 The Service Provider will process the personal data received from within Our Services in accordance with the Agreement, only as necessary to perform the requested Services or in accordance with another agreement between the Parties in writing to the extent permitted by applicable law, including (if applicable) Directive 95/46 / EC and 2002/58 / EC (which may be amended or replaced by subsequent legal acts) concerning the processing of personal data and the protection of privacy or the General Data Protection Regulation (EU), and if the Service Provider received the customer's clear consent to any other use of their personal data.

2.5 If the Service Provider intends to notify or will notify customers or other parties (e.g. competent privacy authorities and/or public authorities) of a privacy breach (or any detected or potential incident resulting in accidental, illegal or unauthorized deletion, loss, access change, disclosure or use of personal data), including personal data received by the Service Provider from, and the notice will refer to, the Service Provider shall first, to the extent permitted by law, provide any draft notice or relevant correspondence to, and also reasonably cooperate with on the final version of notice, correspondence and other subsequent communications with customers or competent authorities. The Service Provider agrees that reserves the right to inform its users of any privacy breach. For the avoidance of doubt, the Service Provider will not notify customers or other parties about privacy breaches or infringements related to personal data that are stored in the Admin panel (as defined in 4.2) without prior written permission of

2.6 In the event, when a party entered into an agreement with Free Apply LLC does not directly process the customer's personal data under its control (for example, in the case of network institutions and property management companies, etc.), paragraph 2 means that the customer's personal data are fully processed by the Service Provider. In this case, any Party to the Agreement and/or the Service Provider may be considered a (sole) operator of any customer data processed under the Agreement.

3. Messaging Tools

As part of Our Services provided to users and Service Providers, can periodically offer communication between the user and the Service Provider ("Chat") using tools offered by will process messages sent via Chat ("Messages") in accordance with the Privacy and Cookies Policy applicable to Service Providers and available at The Service Provider hereby unconditionally agrees to the message processing by (including any processing, storing, receiving, accessing and reviewing of messages and attachments by and declares that it has properly and thoroughly informed (and in accordance with the applicable law, has received the consent of) employees, agents, representatives, staff and others about the use the Messaging Service on behalf of the Service Provider (including processing, receiving, storing, reviewing and accessing the messages by

4. Using the Online Service

4.1 Unless otherwise specified in this Agreement, the Service Provider and individuals acting on its behalf agree to comply with the Terms of Use of the account that are available at

4.2 can offer the Service Provider Admin panel ("Admin panel"). The Service Provider agrees to protect and keep its ID (login) and password secret and not to provide them to others, other than those who must have access to the Admin panel to perform their duties. The Service Provider undertakes to notify by email to within 24 hours of any actual or perceived privacy breach relating to the ID and password that are used to access the Admin panel.

4.3 The Service Provider agrees not to use the Chat to send unsolicited messages to anyone. The Service Provider will fully indemnify for any third parties' claims or fines caused by the illegal or unauthorized use of the Messaging Services by the Service Provider for its purposes.

5. Credit Cards Security

If the Service Provider handles the credit card information received through the reservation service, the Service Provider undertakes to ensure compliance with the requirements and verification processes set out in the current Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), both on its part and on the part of its service providers.

Rights to university page content (for university staff) is a crowdsourced catalog and data on the university (Service Provider) was added by site users. You have become the official representative of the university (Service Provider) in the catalog and now only you control and moderate the profile of the university. By continuing to use the catalog, you confirm that you authorize the use of university data, including the name, logo, photography, etc.

If you do not agree to the terms of use of the site, you can remove the university profile from the catalog.

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