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University of Technology , Arts & Design

Espagne, Madrid

Baccalauréat • 9 Maîtrise • 11

If your wish is to work in technological companies developing software, designing software tools, as a digital artist, developing videogames, working in animated features among oth...

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~ 10 728 $US / année

Autonomous University of Madrid

Espagne, Madrid

Baccalauréat • 23 Maîtrise • 27 Doctorat • 19

The Autonomous University of Madrid is a Spanish public university established in 1968, along with the autonomous universities of Barcelona and Bilbao during one of Spain's most am...

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~ 2 000 $US / année

University of Almeria

Espagne, Almería

Baccalauréat • 18 Maîtrise • 18 Doctorat • 18

There are many reasons to choose the UAL, and yours is surely one of them. The UAL´s facilities and equipment are, without doubt, among the most modern in Europe. Highly-skilled te...

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~ 1 000 $US / année

University of Coruña

Espagne, La Corogne

Baccalauréat • 19 Maîtrise • 19 Doctorat • 4

The University of A Coruña was founded under the Galician Universities Law 11/1989 on July 20th, 1989. The Constituent Assembly passed the University Statutes on the February 4th,...

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~ 54 075 $US / année

Polytechnic University of Cartagena

Espagne, Murcie

Baccalauréat • 9 Maîtrise • 15 Doctorat • 7

Business studies began in Cartagena in 1921 with the approval of the RD of September 16, under the patronage of the City Council, which for several years covered all its expenses....

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~ 851 $US / année

University of Granada

Espagne, Grenade

Baccalauréat • 39 Maîtrise • 39 Doctorat • 39

The University of Granada (Spanish: Universidad de Granada, UGR) is a public university located in the city of Granada, Spain, and founded in 1531 by Emperor Charles V. With approx...

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~ 830 $US / année

The School of Engineering at San Sebastián (TECNUN)

Espagne, Saint-Sébastien

Baccalauréat • 9 Maîtrise • 9 Doctorat • 3

The School of Engineering at San Sebastián, known as TECNUN, is part of the private University of Navarra. It is located in the city of San Sebastian, which lies on the Northern Co...

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~ 4 499 $US / année

European University Canarias

Espagne, Santa Cruz de Ténérife

Baccalauréat • 9 Maîtrise • 7 Doctorat • 5

The European University of the Canary Islands is a dynamic institution, aimed at bringing value to its society and actively contributing to its progress. Faithful to its innovative...

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~ 8 414 $US / année

Universidad Europea de Valencia

Espagne, Valence

Baccalauréat • 10

The European University of Valencia is a dynamic institution, oriented to contribute value to its society and to actively contribute to its progress. Faithful to its innovative voc...

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~ 13 050 $US / année

ESIC School of Business and Marketing Management

Espagne, Madrid

Baccalauréat • 5 Maîtrise • 8 Doctorat • 3

ESIC was one of the first business schools in Spain and a pioneer in Marketing training. It was born before the necessity that the professionals had to complete their training in t...

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~ 5 035 $US / année

International University of La Rioja

Espagne, Logroño

Baccalauréat • 15 Maîtrise • 5

The mission of UNIR is the comprehensive training of students in the skills, competences and knowledge required to excel in today’s society. UNIR is committed to meeting the needs...

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~ 2 729 $US / année

Polytechnic University of Madrid Department of Architectural Projects

Espagne, Madrid

Baccalauréat • 5 Maîtrise • 5 Doctorat • 5

If architecture has historically been a discipline in apparent transformation - in crisis since the beginning of modernity -, today it is no less, subtly harassed by an excess of t...

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~ 8 639 $US / année

School of Disseny

Espagne, Sabadell

Baccalauréat • 5 Maîtrise • 4

Since the 2008-2009 academic year, gives the ESDI Degree Official University Degree in Design as a center affiliated to the Universitat Ramon Llull, following the guidelines establ...

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~ 1 653 $US / année

UAB School of Tourism and Hotel Management

Espagne, Barcelone

Baccalauréat • 8 Maîtrise • 8

The University School of Tourism and Hotel Management has been leading the way in Spain from the very beginning. It offers Bachelor's Degree programmes in Tourism, Tourism in Engli...

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~ 4 318 $US / année

UIC Barcelona

Espagne, Barcelone

Baccalauréat • 5 Maîtrise • 6

We offer you the necessary preparation to let you successfully incorporate in the labour market giving you the capacities of reflection and analysis needed to find the best solutio...

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~ 1 500 $US / année

CEREM International Business School

Espagne, Madrid

Maîtrise • 12

Cerem is a business group that started its activity in 1977. It is made up of professional training, consultancy and tailor-made training for companies. In 1983, evolving as an aca...

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~ 8 660 $US / année

CESINE University Center

Espagne, Santander

Baccalauréat • 6 Maîtrise • 6

We have been providing the most comprehensive and innovative learning experience for nearly 25 years. We periodically review all our programs, which are based on the true vision of...

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~ 5 500 $US / année

Faculty of Theology San Esteban

Espagne, Salamanque

Maîtrise • 1 Doctorat • 1

In this convent the Dominican Order maintains since 1299 a General Study of Theology. That is erected in Faculty of Theology the 15 of November of 1947 by the Sacred Congregation o...

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~ 2 685 $US / année

Institute of Business School

Espagne, Madrid

Baccalauréat • 2 Maîtrise • 4 Doctorat • 3

IE Business School trains leaders that promote innovation and change in business organizations, entrepreneurial styles of management that generate employment, collective wealth and...

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~ 8 405 $US / année

Higher Institute of Religious Sciences of Barcelona

Espagne, Barcelone

Baccalauréat • 2 Maîtrise • 2

The Superior Institute of Religious Sciences of Barcelona (ISCREB) is a teaching institution of public character of the Archbishopric of Barcelona, ​​linked to the Faculty of Theol...

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~ 1 783 $US / année

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