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  • Italie, Udine
  • Founded in 1826
  • ID 1038000052

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Université spécialisée Communication avec des locuteurs natifs Pays développé économiquement

The opening of the first public music school in Udine goes back to 1826: a new association called the "Udine Philharmonic-Dramatic Association" brings together -since then-, along with the most important members of the local aristocratic families, the citizens who love music and theater. The first location was by the premises above the City Loggia where, in addition to a hall for entertainments and a stage, five rooms for the various activities of the Society, particularly for teaching, are obtained. During the first three years, the authorities are unable to start the music lessons, and the only activity carried out by the association is to organize philharmonic and amateur-actors entertainments; in 1830 it was decided to change the name of the association from "Udine Philharmonic-Dramatic Association" into "Institute", pointing therefore out the basis and the primary purpose of the association, which remained that of music education. In 1831, after regular competition, the following teachers have finally been nominated: a music instructor (singing teacher), Giuseppe Magagnini Marche (Montecarotto, 1802-1885), and a professor of violin, the Friulian Giacomo De Sabbata (Cividale, 1800 - Udine, 1840). In this way, the regular lessons could finally begin, while the regular evening performances of musicians and actors were continuing.

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Bachelor of Arts

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  • 1 639 $US

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  • 1 639 $US

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Université spécialisée Communication avec des locuteurs natifs Pays développé économiquement


State Music Conservatory J Tomadini Udine
Piazza I Maggio, 29
Udine 33100

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