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Frais de frais de scolarité attrayants Communication avec des locuteurs natifs Professions très rémunérées 6 avantages supplémentaires

Founded in April 1984 by Professor Marc François Maret, SWISS UMEF UNIVERSITY (UMEF), formerly known as ISGC (Institut Supérieur de Gestion et Communication) is a private university. UMEF has a long track record of training a large body of students who originated from all continents and who have had, since graduation, highly successful careers. Furthermore, UMEF has strongly supported its alumni to assist them in developing outstanding careers or to be highly successful actors in their chosen fields. UMEF operates campuses in three continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia – and its contribution to the development of the citizens of these countries have been recognized with prizes and appreciations in several countries. UMEF strictly applies the Bologna system, and it is accredited by IACBE, EduQua, and ASIC. It is also a member of several other accreditation bodies. UMEF has decided to be in historic continuity of Europe’s outstanding university background and, thus, its campus is located in a 15th-century castle in Geneva.

Programmes d’éducation


Bachelor of Business Administration

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  • À temps plein

    Mode d’étude

  • 22 772 $US

    Frais pour les étudiants internationaux

  • 16 234 $US

    Frais de scolarité pour les étudiants nationaux

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To apply to Swiss UMEF University follow these steps. To get more information about the university and the admissions process, you can use the live chat to contact a university representative.

Why people choose this university

Frais de frais de scolarité attrayants Communication avec des locuteurs natifs Professions très rémunérées Personnel enseignant professionnel Programmes d'échange internationaux Coopération internationale Situé dans une ville prometteuse Un grand nombre d'étudiants étrangers Université spécialisée


Swiss UMEF University
Route d'Aïre 185-187
Genève 1219 Aïre

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