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De nombreuses années d'expérience en formation Université spécialisée Éducation de haute qualité

University established in 1917 as Kharkov Conservatory at the music school, which existed since 1883 under the auspices of the Kharkiv branch of the Imperial Russian Musical Society. 1924 Conservatory converted to Music and Drama Institute, which in 1934 marked the music department and on this basis re-established Conservatory. In parallel, based on the musical-theater institute faced Theater School, which in 1939 was transformed into the State Theater Institute. Kharkiv State Conservatory operated until 1963 and has 8 departments: piano, orchestral and folk instruments, singing, choral conducting, musicology, composition, music research. There were also evening and correspondence departments. Among the teachers was the Kharkov Conservatory S. Bogatyrev, who trained a whole generation of composers. His students included: D. Klebanov, Carol M., J. Meytus V. Nakhabino, M. Titz, M. Fomenko, A. Shtogarenko more. Kharkov State Institute of Theater and operated until 1963, the longest in the institute worked Maryanenko VI (1925-34, 1934-41 and 1944-61), subsequently M. Krushelnytskyi (1944-1961).

Programmes d’éducation


Bachelor of Arts

  • Ukrainien

    Langue des instructions

  • À temps plein

    Mode d’étude

  • 695 $US

    Frais pour les étudiants internationaux

  • 695 $US

    Frais de scolarité pour les étudiants nationaux

How to apply to the university

  1. Choose a program

  2. Press “Apply now” button

  3. Send an admissions form

  4. Complete admissions tasks

  5. Go to study

To apply to Kharkiv State Kotlyarevsky University of Arts follow these steps. To get more information about the university and the admissions process, you can use the live chat to contact a university representative.

Required documents for admission

When applying for admission to Kharkiv State Kotlyarevsky University of Arts in Ukraine you should prepare all required documents. Request a list of necessary documents directly from a university, as it may vary for different countries. Using our live chat, you can also ask for sample documents.

  • Passport
  • HIV-test Certificate
  • Letter of Acceptance
  • Birth Certificate
  • Family Details
  • Medical Certificate
  • Declaration for financial support
  • Health and Life Insurance
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Motivation Letter
  • Student visa
  • Application fee
  • Photographs

Why people choose this university

De nombreuses années d'expérience en formation Université spécialisée Éducation de haute qualité


Kharkiv State Kotlyarevsky University of Arts
61003, c. Kharkiv, Constitution Square, 11/13, Ukraine

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