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  • 128


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What is a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality?

The aim of a bachelor's degree program in hospitality is to prepare postgraduates for the fast-growing hospitality industry that includes custom services and management of hotels, restaurants, conference halls, etc. The curriculum covers such topics as hospitality management, fine dining service, combined with housekeeping and business administration.

What are the tasks of a graduate student in Hospitality?

A bachelor's degree in hospitality is a good choice of profession for people with good communicative and interpersonal skills. Hospitality postgraduates tasks include: provide comfort, control day-to-day operations, as well as supervise staff, deal with suppliers, also ensure implementation of sanitary norms, and meet expectations of customers.

China – Bachelor programs in Hospitality statistics provides information about 128 Bachelor programs in Hospitality at 128 universities in China. Furthermore, you can choose one of 128 Bachelor programs in Hospitality at 128 universities, 16 Master programs in Hospitality at 16 universities, and 2 PhD programs in Hospitality at 2 universities.

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Universities offering the most popular Bachelor programs in Hospitality in China

Anhui Jianzhu University

China, Hefei

Bachelor • 1

Anhui Jianzhu University is the only multi-disciplinary university in Anhui Province featuring civil engineering and architecture disciplines. It was founded in 1958 and is located...

Admissions open
~ $0 / year

Hainan Normal University

China, Haikou

Bachelor • 1

Hainan Normal University is located in Haikou city and is the province's oldest institution for higher learning. Over 20,000 students are enrolled, including about 200 foreigners....

Admissions open
~ $1,664 / year

Chengdu University of Information Technology

China, Chengdu

Bachelor • 1

Chengdu University of Information Technology is a Chinese university founded in 1951. It is a key developing provincial university joint building by China Meteorological Administra...

Admissions open
~ $2,701 / year

Shanghai Xuhui Vocational Education Group

China, Shanghai

Bachelor • 1

Haihui District - Caohejing Xinxing Technology Development Zone Industrial and Vocational Education Group (Xuhui Vocational Education Group) is Xuhui District, relying on Caohejing...

Admissions open
~ $457 / year

Hebei North University

China, Zhangjiakou

Bachelor • 1

Hebei North College is located in known as Beijing "North Gate" and "back garden" known as the plug outside the city of Zhangjiakou City. Set the Great Wall Prairie Ling Yun, the e...

Admissions open
~ $2,401 / year

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