Study in Indonesia

We found 301 universities in Indonesia.

Indonesia – About the country

Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia. The country borders on Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, and Timor Leste. The national currency of Indonesia is Rupiah (IDR).

Indonesia – Where to study?

The most popular student cities in Indonesia.

Indonesia – Higher education system

The higher education system of Indonesia is represented by 301 universities with 4,095 study programs. In addition 2,642 Bachelor programs at 301 universities, 1,177 Master programs at 208 universities, and 276 PhD programs at 74 universities.

Indonesia – What to study?

The most popular disciplines in Indonesia.

The largest cities in Indonesia

Higher education statistics for the largest cities in Indonesia.

Indonesia – Average monthly personal finance statistics

  • ~ $116


  • ~ $142


  • ~ $204


  • ~ $333


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Universities offering the most popular degree programs in Indonesia

University of Jember

Indonesia, Jember

Bachelor • 14 Master • 13 PhD • 4

Established in 1964, Universitas Jember (University of Jember) is a non-profit public higher education institution located in the the urban setting of the large city of Jember (pop...

Admissions open
~ $565 / year

IPMI International Business School

Indonesia, Jakarta

Bachelor • 1 Master • 1

To meet the challenge of the global and borderless world, IPMI International Business School provides its undergraduate students a Bachelor of Business Administration program with...

Admissions open
~ $4,900 / year

Universitas Alkhairaat

Indonesia, Palu

Bachelor • 24

Alkhairaat University is a private university founded in 1964 in the city of Palu, Central Sulawesi. The university was founded by the Old Guru (Sayed Idrus Bin Salim Aljufrie) who...

Admissions open
~ $1,172 / year

International University Liaison Indonesia

Indonesia, Lombron

Bachelor • 10 Master • 10

International University Liaison Indonesia is a private university established in 2014 as the strategic partner of the European University Consortium-IULI in Indonesia.

Admissions open
~ $1,500 / year

IAIN Zawiyah Cot Kala Langsa

Indonesia, Langsa

Bachelor • 6 Master • 6 PhD • 6

The origin of the Islamic State Islamic Institute (formerly known as Zawiyah Cot Kala Langsa) was founded in 1980 as a result of the Islamic Religious Seminar on the Region, Aceh T...

Admissions open
~ $4,500 / year

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