Japan – Master programs in Biology

We found 67 universities offering 68 Master programs.

Study the Master programs in Biology in Japan

  • 67


  • 68


  • 1–2

    Years of study

  • ~ $6,282

    Tuition fees

Who holds the title Master of Biodiversity?

The MA of Biodiversity is a student who has received their master's degree in this field after completing the academic syllabus set within. The MA postgraduate of Biodiversity is, thus, qualified for careers such as manufacturing, due to industrial manufacturing processes through legislation becoming eco-friendly.

What fields of study form the Master of Biodiversity degree course?

The MA of Biodiversity studies a wide range of the subjects, as this degree program encapsulates the natural sciences and technology. Students, while attending the said course, likewise cover subjects in the field of biology, bioinformatics, and other nature-related sciences.

Japan – Master programs in Biology statistics

Free-Apply.com provides information about 68 Master programs in Biology at 67 universities in Japan. Furthermore, you can choose one of 106 Bachelor programs in Biology at 105 universities, 68 Master programs in Biology at 67 universities, and 32 PhD programs in Biology at 31 universities.

Japan – Where to study?

The most popular student cities in Japan.

The largest cities offering Master programs in Biology in Japan

Higher education statistics of the largest cities in Japan.

Japan – Average monthly personal finance statistics

  • ~ $614


  • ~ $514


  • ~ $426


  • ~ $2,542


Universities offering the most popular Master programs in Biology in Japan

Kyoto Institute of Technology

Japan, Kyoto

Master • 1

https://www.kit.ac.jp/en/ --- The history of KIT began over 100 years ago with two forerunner institutions; one specializing in engineering, design and the appl...

Admissions closed
~ $47 / year

Fukui Prefectural University

Japan, Lombron

Master • 2

Fukui Prefectural University is a public prefectural university founded in 1992 and located in Eiheiji, Yoshida District, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. The university has undergraduate...

Admissions closed
~ $47 / year

Kobe University

Japan, Kobe

Master • 1

Kobe University, also known in the Kansai region as Shindai, is a leading Japanese national university located in the city of Kobe, in Hyōgo. It was established in 1949, but the ac...

Admissions open
~ $4,820 / year

Iwate University

Japan, Morioka

Master • 1

Established in 1949 as a national university, Iwate University was inaugurated into a national university corporation along with 86 other national universities in 2005. The univers...

Admissions open
~ $3,200 / year

Toyohashi University of Technology

Japan, Toyohashi

Master • 1

Toyohashi University of Technology (Toyohashi University of Technology, official language: Toyohashi University of Technology) is headquartered in Hibikigaoka 1-1 in Tenjiko Toyoha...

Admissions open
~ $3,200 / year

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