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We found 210 universities in Spain.

Spain – About the country

Madrid is the capital of Spain. The country borders on France, Gibraltar, Morocco, Portugal, and Andorra. The national currency of Spain is Euro (EUR).

Spain – Where to study?

The most popular student cities in Spain.

Spain – Higher education system

The higher education system of Spain is represented by 210 universities with 4,523 study programs. In addition 1,778 Bachelor programs at 178 universities, 1,952 Master programs at 193 universities, and 793 PhD programs at 82 universities.

Spain – What to study?

The most popular disciplines in Spain.

The largest cities in Spain

Higher education statistics for the largest cities in Spain.

Spain – Average monthly personal finance statistics

  • ~ $394


  • ~ $517


  • ~ $239


  • ~ $1,449


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Universities offering the most popular degree programs in Spain

IQS Ramon Llull University

Spain, Barcelona

Bachelor • 10 Master • 12 PhD • 3

IQS (Institut Quimic de Sarria) is a Jesuit Institution, and one of the most prestigious Universities on the national and international academic and scientific stage. With more th...

Admissions open
~ $15,823 / year

Catholic University San Antonio de Murcia

Spain, Murcia

Bachelor • 6 Master • 12

The Universidad Católica San Antonio, also known as the Universidad Católica de Murcia, is a private university located in Murcia in southeastern Spain. Founded in 1996 by José Lui...

Admissions open
~ $8,067 / year

University of Santiago de Compostela

Spain, Santiago de Compostela

Bachelor • 48 Master • 71 PhD • 31

The University of Santiago de Compostela - USC is a public university located in the city of Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain. A second campus is located in Lugo, Galicia. It...

Admissions open
~ $4,360 / year

TBS in Barcelona

Spain, Barcelona

Bachelor • 1 Master • 6

TBS in Barcelona is the campus of the Barcelona city of TBS, a group that has teaching centers in Toulouse, Casablanca, Barcelona, ​​London, and Paris. TBS in Barcelona offers adva...

Admissions open
~ $17,766 / year

Mondragon University

Spain, Arrasate / Mondragon

Bachelor • 5 Master • 15 PhD • 8

Mondragon Unibertsitatea es una universidad práctica, innovadora y comprometida, centrada en el desarrollo de las personas, orientada a las necesidades de la empresa y la sociedad...

Admissions open
~ $7,580 / year

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