Benin – Bachelor programs in Business

We found 21 universities offering 21 Bachelor programs.

Study the Bachelor programs in Business in Benin

  • 21


  • 21


  • 3–4

    Years of study

  • ~ $999

    Tuition fees

What is a Bachelor's degree in Sustainability?

Business Sustainability covers management processes of risks and opportunities in financial, social and environmental aspects of the business. A Bachelor's program in Sustainability provides theoretical and practical courses in Microeconomics, along with Macroeconomics, including Global Management, combined with Human Resources Management, also Corporate Sustainability, coupled with Building a Sustainable Business, as well as Sustainability, together with Ethics and Technology.

What are the undertakings of a graduate of Sustainability?

The undertakings of a graduate of Sustainability involves developing of sustainability strategies, as well as ensuring the implementation of sustainability policies, together with analyzing and interpreting economic data, combined with working with documentation, plus organizing waste and pollution management.

Benin – Bachelor programs in Business statistics provides information about 21 Bachelor programs in Business at 21 universities in Benin. Furthermore, you can choose one of 21 Bachelor programs in Business at 21 universities, 10 Master programs in Business at 10 universities, and 1 PhD program in Business at 1 university.

Benin – Where to study?

The most popular student cities in Benin.

The largest cities offering Bachelor programs in Business in Benin

Higher education statistics of the largest cities in Benin.

City Universities Tuition fees Action
Cotonou 13 ~ $1,037 Search
Porto-Novo 3 ~ $773 Search
Abomey 1 ~ $1,043 Search
Abomey-Calavi 1 ~ $2,505 Search
Parakou 1 ~ $67 Search

Benin – Average monthly personal finance statistics

  • ~ $92


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Universities offering the most popular Bachelor programs in Business in Benin

University Institute of Benin

Benin, Cotonou

Bachelor • 2

Institut Universitaire du Bénin (IUB) is one of the most prestigious bilingual private universities in Benin Republic, an academic institution of higher learning, which has been in...

Admissions open
~ $500 / year

Ecole Superieure Sainte Felicite University

Benin, Cotonou

Bachelor • 1

ESSF University is a private higher learning institution established in the Benin Republic in the year 2006. ESSF University was among the first private universities in the Benin R...

Admissions open
~ $500 / year

ISM Adonaï University

Benin, Cotonou

Bachelor • 1

The Adonaï Higher Institute of Management (ISM Adonaï) is a graduate school for management, audit, accounting and finance. It is recognized by the State of Benin for the award of u...

Admissions open
~ $750 / year

ESTAM University

Benin, Cotonou

Bachelor • 1

Ecole Superieure Des Technologies Advances de Management (ESTAM) is a private university in the Republic of Benin. The University is poised to foster a tradition of academic excell...

Admissions open
~ $950 / year

Sainte Felicite University

Benin, Porto-Novo

Bachelor • 1

Sainte Felicité University (ESSF), located at Godomey-Houedonou, 50meters from Cotonou-Abomey Road, opposite Protestant and Methodist Church is happy to welcome you on her site whe...

Admissions open
~ $1,520 / year

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