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We found 15 universities in Montpellier.

Montpellier – About the city

The population of the city is 248,252. Montpellier is number 6 in France by the number of universities available on There are 15 universities offering 288 study programs in Montpellier.

France – Where to study?

The most popular universities in Montpellier.

France, Montpellier – Higher education system

The higher education system of Montpellier is represented by 15 universities, which offer 288 study programs. In addition 116 Bachelor programs at 14 universities, 104 Master programs at 14 universities, and 68 PhD programs at 10 universities.

The largest cities in France

Higher education statistics for the largest cities in France.

France – Average monthly personal finance statistics

  • ~ $405


  • ~ $599


  • ~ $365


  • ~ $2,128


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100% discount for the 1st year

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Universities offering the most popular degree programs in Montpellier

Polytech Montpellier

France, Montpellier

Bachelor • 7 Master • 5 PhD • 2

The "Edgar Faure" law of 12 November 1968, named after the then Minister of Education, marks a break in French education by redefining the status of universities. In particular, it...

Admissions open
~ $13,116 / year

School of Architecture Montpellier

France, Montpellier

Bachelor • 3 Master • 1

The original building of the School of Architecture of Montpellier was built between 1976 and 1978 near a building characterised as the "College of Scots, built in 1930 on a land a...

Admissions open
~ $3,917 / year

Higher National School of Chemistry of Montpellier

France, Montpellier

Master • 2 PhD • 1

Enter the first chemical institute of Montpellier, ul high glassware. This institute was founded in 1889, in the premises of the school of pharmacy, combining lessons of chemistry,...

Admissions open
~ $7,290 / year

Agronomic Institute Mediterraneen of Montpellier

France, Montpellier

Bachelor • 25 Master • 19 PhD • 8

The Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier (IAMM), an intergovernmental organization established in 1962, is one of the four institutes of the International Center for Ad...

Admissions open
~ $5,300 / year

Montpellier University Teacher Training Institute

France, Montpellier

Bachelor • 1 Master • 1

Welcome to the Faculty of Education The Faculty of Education is a young UFR since it was created in September 2013. Inheriting a long tradition in the service of teacher traini...

Admissions open
~ $8,600 / year

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