Pretoria – Master programs in Psychology

We found 1 university offering 1 Master program in Psychology in Pretoria.

Study the Master programs in Psychology in Pretoria

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  • 1


  • 1–2

    Years of study

  • ~ $1,554

    Tuition fees

Where can a Psychogerontologist work?

A Master in Psychogerontology works with community organizations, retirements communities, non-profit agencies, social services, and in the healthcare sector, along with hospitals, clinics, hospices, and home health care facilities. A psychogerontologist may start their own consulting business and advise other health-care firms and agencies on the best products and services for older adults.

Why is it necessary to get a master's degree in psychogerontology? company analysts recommend this profession due to the progressive ageing of the global population; furthermore, it is on the list as a top job in the US and Europe. Psychogerontology is distinguished by good career prospects and high wages.

South Africa, Pretoria – Master programs in Psychology statistics provides information about 1 Master program in Psychology at 1 university in Pretoria, South Africa. Furthermore, you can choose one of 2 Bachelor programs in Psychology at 2 universities, 1 Master program in Psychology at 1 university, and 1 PhD program in Psychology at 1 university.

Pretoria – Where to study?

The most popular universities in Pretoria.

Higher education statistics of the largest cities in South Africa

The largest cities offering Master programs in Psychology in South Africa.

City Universities Tuition fees Action
Johannesburg 2 ~ $2,165 Search
Potchefstroom 2 ~ $1,491 Search
Pretoria 1 ~ $1,554 Search
Cape Town 1 ~ $1,690 Search
Durban 1 ~ $300 Search
Stellenbosch 1 ~ $390 Search
Polokwane 1 ~ $260 Search
Alice 1 ~ $1,460 Search

South Africa – Average monthly personal finance statistics

  • ~ $142


  • ~ $361


  • ~ $184


  • ~ $1,104


100% discount for the 1st year


100% discount for the 1st year

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Universities offering the most popular Master programs in Psychology in Pretoria, South Africa

University of South Africa

South Africa, Pretoria

Master • 1

The University of South Africa is the largest university on the African continent and attracts a third of all higher education students in South Africa. The university has over 300...

Admissions open
~ $1,554 / year

Doxa Deo School of Divinity

South Africa, Pretoria

Accredited academic training – A fully accredited degree qualification through one of our partnership institutes, such the South African Theological Seminary, Cornerstone Institute...

Admissions closed
~ $0 / year

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